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Papa John's Pizza / notes from a former pj employee

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I recently quit my job as an in-store customer service rep at papa john's. I believe every accusation made against them here and i'm very sorry for that fact. Somebody wrote that pj's is a hostile environment, which is exactly why i left. I could no longer take the hostility bestowed on me by my mangers, and i couldn't take the hostility bestowed on the customers by my co-workers and managers. I really enjoyed getting to know my regular customers; believe it or not i remembered their names, their "go-to" orders, etc. I frequently gave my carryout customers extra sides of sauce free of charge because i think it's ridiculous to charge 80 cents for something so small. Anyhow, i was with pj's for nearly two years. I got a "promotion" which meant that i got to wear a different colored shirt and take on more responsibilities, yet i received no pay raise. When i asked about getting a raise, the gm just laughed in my face. There were many occasions in which i watched as the gm verbally assaulted his delivery drivers, calling them "worthless [censored]heads" and what-not. So many complaints have been filed against this man, and yet he remains. Why? As another unhappy customer stated, it's all about profit. He may be a terrible person, but he manages to bring money to the store, so he stays.

Here are a few things you should know regarding some complaints:

*if your pizza is late, it is more than likely no fault of the driver. It really depends on how fast the makeline is turning out their products, and whether or not the store is understaffed. Because, as i stated before, it's all about the profit, recently papa john's has been cutting peoples hours to save money, and scheduling too few people on any given day. That said, please tip your driver. They live off of their tips. If you can't afford to tip them, then you should probably pick your order up to save them the strife. Oh, and the delivery charge is not a tip. They get a measly cut of that and the rest goes to the suits.

*when dealing with a rude team member or manager, kill them with kindness. It sounds silly and i realize it may be hard to do in the heat of the moment, but trust me as someone who's seen it happen: it works! Managers/shift leaders in particular seem to get a sick satisfaction out of willing a customer to curse at them. Nothing pisses them off more than when a customer is able to bite his or her tongue and remain cordial throughout what should be a heated exchange.

*if you want the smoothest ordering process possible, i suggest avoiding ordering online. It may seem convienent, but in reality there are so many bugs within the system that have yet to be worked out that sometimes it's worse. Coupons don't "stick" and you end up being charged regular menu price, the system "bugs out" and somehow switches your order from delivery to carryout or vice-versa, and sometimes the order isn't sent through at all, or it is sent through but to the wrong location.

*be careful when paying by credit or debit card. If something happens and you have to make a change to your order or cancel it completely, it can take up to two weeks for the cost of the previous order to be deposited back into your account.

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  • Le
      11th of Jul, 2011
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    now athough my exsperianc may not be that avaisive I was an employee for almost five year they say the shirt color don't matter they lied. it do.but what dont matter the little golden loyaly bagde.I have been work at papa john for 5 year in hopes of becoming the book and every thing want to take the class as my maniger said i ll train you without training me or sening me to the places where i could be trained. decide on variouse accassion to sit in his office as i rand the store often telling other to leave. because his number one girl had this. also often having me to slap doe top abd cut the pizza deliver all in in one night with ou assistance or complaint i did so because i thought this was part of my manigment train.even thought i am not a maniger today I 'm am still proud of the hard work a put in there traveling three store every night to make sure pj's was on top of there game. it would have been nice if. i would have gotten the tittle even if it came without the money my fillen was truly hert. i tranfer a nother store.that wouldn't even give my the opertunity of becoming a regiler shift maniger.all that work felt like a wast and all i ever wanted was training. the opertunity to prove my self in a way i did. 5 yearsof working at three store every nightof every day. I mist out on my kids. mykids and b-day all holiday.all of that.

  • Wi
      31st of Jul, 2011
    +1 Votes

    I would like to add that I am a full-time student who has a wife and two kids. I like most really depend on making good money. As a student it is hard to find work that will work with school hours. I worked at Pizza Hut for 2 years until a change in management occurred and I quit and went to Papa Johns. Unlike Pizza Hut, Papa Johns don't pay drivers 7.25 an hour, we get 5.85, and unlike Pizza Hut, Papa Johns sends the drivers on these amazingly far trips. For instance we have to drive to fort sill to service the military. It's on average 30 miles round trip, Gas right now is $3.67, we get our 5.85 + 1.30 delivery and it cost us at least $4 in gas just to get there. I've done the math I've made as little at $1.65 an hour (hence me putting in my two weeks) and for some reason the soldiers don't TIP!!! and no it don't matter what you do, they have the sense of entitlement, like we owe them because they chose to join the army!!! I brought this to the attention of the management but like the other employee noted above they don't care they said, "there's the door!!" If I remember correctly Papa Johns training videos, they like to do anything and everything to keep their employees! What a lie, just like there use of only fresh ingredients, bull, if you notice when John talks about the "fresh ingredients" he is typically standing in front of a ton of canned tomato sauce.

  • Ra
      5th of Aug, 2011
    0 Votes

    What he said. Additionally, since raw dough is a health concern, they *have* to make sure that the dough is raw. If it is, they'll take drastic steps. Otherwise, since every pizza is cooked in the exact same oven, and no-one else complained, they're going to assume you're lying.

  • Br
      11th of Sep, 2011
    0 Votes

    I think you guys have just had a bad experience with particular stores. I work for a store here in Georgia and everyone at my store is absolutely wonderful (minus a couple turds lol.) We have a great team and plenty of staff. Everyone gets at least 30 hours a week (even the part-time employees) and our store manager is extremely willing to work with our schedules. If we say we can't work a certain day he has plenty of other employees to jump in a fill the shift. No requesting off or having to get an approval. We get payed well and our drivers make really good money. It breaks my heart to read some of these stories because I absolutely love my job and I intend to stay here until I complete my schooling.

  • Kn
      10th of Mar, 2012
    -1 Votes

    You are incorrect sir...Papa John's pays there drivers while they are inside the store 7.25 an hour and 5.85 when they are on the is a dual wage assessment and is now at every PJs

  • Mj
      28th of Nov, 2012
    0 Votes

    Which Papa Johns were you talking about. Richmond Rd? What is the managers name?

  • Ke
      17th of Feb, 2016
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    I just recently got fired well on 02-12 2016. at the 72nd papa johns in Tacoma Washington. I got fired because I was tricked into snitching on the whole store smoking pot on the property during working hours and the general manager smokes pot with his employees even before the drivers go on the road to deliver. this is including myself. the gm also yells at his employees and treats them with complete disrespect. when a customer comes into our store they are usually welcomed by profanity filled rap music or the classic death metal blaring from the back. and of course a full staff of baked employees. no one dresses up to code and in fact the homeless population usually dress better. The day before my 40th birthday I came into the store hours before I was scheduled just like any day. I would make a pizza and bring it to the pot store and grab weed for work later that night. my gm is fully aware of this because I give him some during work and we would smoke together with a few other employees every night. when I went to get my pot I was tricked into taking what u would call a dab, which is just thc in concentrate. I felt very weird and was afraid I wasn't going to be able to drive so as soon as I got to work and before I clocked on, I went to my gm and told him the whole story and told him that I felt ok now but was told its going to get worse, the gm then decided to tell me to clock on knowing I was too messed up to drive. I feel he is my boss and the person I answer to and if he is condoning smoking pot on the job then that is on him. I clocked on and proceeded to bag up where I fell to the floor. I then went into the office and told my gm I couldn't drive and he just cussed at me and told me to get myself together and get back to work. I told him I had very bad cramps and am very dizzy and will go to my car and eat something. my gm left me to basically almost overdose in my car, clocked on my delivery for over 146 minutes. I came back in and I went home. The following days the only thing my gm said to me about this was you were lucky you didn't get fired, this was his response to me telling him I have decided to not smoke while I drive at work anymore. then for the rest of the week he started punishing me under the table as there was no record of this incident. meaning he never even wrote me up. the final straw was on super bowl sunday, one of the busiest days we got. The district managers were there and every one was cleaning and looked very professional for once...until the DM's left. 20 minutes after they had left an employee came to me in the back where I was cleaning and asked me why because no one else was, she stated that the managers were gone for a while and every one stopped fake cleaning as soon as they left and that she was surprised I was still hard at work. Are you serious? She then said she was surprised she didn't work Monday and that told me the new schedule was posted and it surely was, right on the door for me to see that my gm cut my work hours in half. needless to say I almost walked out but I must have a job to pay my bills so I just handled it the best I could and worked the whole night with constant tears running down my face. I closed with my gm and he did not say even one word. there is so much more to this story but basically I was then tricked into believing the dms knew of this incident and was told there was a meeting. when I came in to have the meeting both dms had no idea. they were just there to look at items that were in need of repair. I at that point just made the decision to come clean about everything. I was thanked for my information and then after three days I was brought in to sign a statement that contradicted my statement saying basically I feel its ok I smoke at work because the gm smokes pot...not specifying at work. I was the ONLY person fired from the store. Last year this same manager worked at our store for a short time as a gm. during his time at 72nd, being a gm, he would drink alcohol on the job and run the store intoxicated. He was caught and instead of being fired, was suspended for a week and then transferred to a different store to run it as a gm. I'm not here to complain in a blog, I want numbers I can call to report this franchise. I want justice! I want exposure and I want to make it so nothing like this happens ever again. I have been with this company for almost 3 years with no write up. well except the one my manager wrote up after I flipped out and announced that I was going to the dms. I need help!!! I need to know how to get this out there if you have any information please send me an e-mail at [protected] thank you for reading

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