Panera Bread / wrong item

RVC, New York, United States

I recently visited the panera bread at rockville center, I ordered a mac and cheese and a tomato soup. I picked up my order and drove back to work, only to realize that I was given the wrong soup (Some chicken soup instead of my cream of tomato soup). I'm extremely upset as I then had to drive back, wait in line for fifteen minutes, and I was then given a parking ticket because of the delay as I waited for a refund for the screw up of your employee. I want to know how I can be compensated for this [censor] up on your part. My order number is [protected], and I recently became a panera member which makes this even more frustrating because this is not how you should be treating your customers. If i'm paying $5 for a cup of soup, I should not [censor]ing be getting the wrong soup. I'm so upset that I had to drive back and wait in line and then, on top of everything, get a $75 parking ticket. This is beyond frustrating and I want to know what will be done to rectify this.

Oct 12, 2017

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