Panera Bread / strawberry poppyseed salad

Chino, Californi, United States

I was excited to see my favorite salad was back on the menu albeit, more expensive. I ordered it without chicken because I cant eat it, so ordered extra pecans. I ordered 2 one for me and one for my friend. The salads took quite awhile, and came with chicken. I looked good enough with lots of fruit and nuts, but cant eat chicken so I sent it back. My friend kept hers because of the wait she was starving so she picked her chicken off. I cant miss taking off so sent mine back. Got mine back less the chicken and pretty much everything else. I pretty much had a ten dollar salad with 5 halves of pecans and the same amount of fruit. What a rip. I told them so. The best they could do was give me about 8 more pincky pcs of pecans. They also forgot to give me my bagette.Although I am a regular and love the poppyseed salad that I wait for, I wont be returning

May 6, 2017

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