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Panera Bread / shift supervisor and general manager

1 WiNDWARD parkwayMilton Georgia, United States Review updated:

The boses came to our cafe cos everyone here complained to ethics about the General Manager bullying abusing and playing favorites.
Plus she's a big druggie who buys pot and smokes it with her buddies. She moved her two friends into shift supervisor jobs and it ain't fair here. They are always high and the GM is terrible. She came back after bein gone and found out about the boss and and HR person talkin to everyone here and now she's worse than ever. Her buddie Julie is bragging to everyone that she lied for Taree cos they are best friends and how she lied abut our best manager here cos she "HATES"him. We all know she crushing on him but he's a married guy and big Christian so he won't have nothing to do with her. She is telling everyone that she's going to get him fired. This guy is a great manager. He is real good at his job and always does the right thing and he works harder than anyone here. The General Manager is Taree and she is telling everyone here she is going to set him up and get him fired. These two witches are terrible and just plain mean. This manager they bullying dont deserve this and somebody needs to do something about this GM and this shift supervisor. They should get drugtested and fired for smoking dope on there breaks and being high. This is such a crummy place to work and we all feel bad for our one good manager. Guess we'll keep calling the hotline til someone does somethin about Taree and Julie. We all hate this place.

Jun 19, 2015
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      20th of Jun, 2015
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    Actually you are complaining about al managers for one of two reasons and maybe both. One could be that you aren't being shown favoritism like some of the other employees, or could it be that you aren't invited to go on their breaks and smoke drugs with them? Or is it that you want to have an affair with one of them. All in all your whining complaint sounds like "sour grapes." If you think you should be promoted to a higher position, it might be worth your effort to learn how to spell, for example there isn't any word spelled "cos." Your grammar is horrible, and your punctuation isn't real great either. In case it hasn't occurred to any of you, those of you that are trying to cause trouble for your immediate bosses(the managers) you could get fired either from them or from their higher ups that you are complaining . Apparently the managers you are complaining about are doing their jobs and not breaking any laws, or else they would be fired. Also you aren't smart enough to know this isn't he web site for Panara Bread, you are on a general complaint site, so you wasted all your energy whining on a site that isn't going to do you an ounce of good. Your best bet if you want to get promoted to higher positions would be to keep your nose out of things that don't concern you, and to learn how to spell, use proper grammar, etc. In order to get higher positions a person has to at least be able to sound like they graduated from high school. If you speak the way you write, my four year old great grandson speaks about like you do.

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