Panera Breadservice

I came into Panera Bread on my lunch break a little after 3pm. This was at the location in Farmingdale, NY. I had to wait close to 5 minutes before someone could take my order. There was no one at the register and no one came out to check to see if there were any customers on line. Finally a girl came out and ran to the back and then came back to the register to take my order. It would be different if I wasn't on my lunch break but I was and didn't have time to waste. After placing my order I waited for my order which was to go. The guy tossed my bag with my salad inside across the counter and the bag was half way off the counter and almost fell on the floor. I didn't appreciate what he did and he never apologized either. I am a loyal customer not some animal that you can toss food to. I was very unhappy with the service today and was definitely an unsatisfied customer.

May 02, 2017

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