Panera Breadquality of service and food

Grand rapids, mi location 3738 - 99 monroe ave nw
Our company has been using panera since this store opened for our catering needs, and from the beginning we established what I thought was a great relationship. Over the course of a a few years, management and staff has changed at panera, resulting in a disappointing lack of service and attention to detail. I am rarely called back to confirm orders I place, I don't get a receipt with my order most of the time, and the food has been poor quality - as if they make it the night before and it sits in the cooler until ready to deliver. Your commercials tout fresh healthy high quality food, and this is not the case with this location. I hate the thought of ending our business relationship as this location is convenient for us. We give them a lot of business and have spent thousands of company dollars. I am hopeful for change.

Jan 13, 2017

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