Panera Bread / particular store

columbia sc, US

I OFTEN eat at Panera.. I'm a huge fan.. So imagine how disappointing it is that the worst Panera I've ever eaten at is the one closest to where I now live. Accuracy of order is sort of a 50/50 proposition... and the store is usually filthy, but just so you know I'm not just a whiny entitled customer (sure you have a bunch of those), I'll illustrate my complaint with a simple fact...
On two of my last three visits this location (Harbison, Columbia, SC) was out of bread.. PLUS out of silverware... Then last week at peak lunch time no silver... SO three consecutive visits this store can't offer me a fork..NO more will I pay $15 for a soup and salad and have a restaurant use plastic forks and knives.. Once is okay, but a pattern with this store has emerged... Just pathetic..

Nov 24, 2017

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