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I ordered from the Panera Bread in Monroe, Ga. (30655) I love eating at ON and was excited when they opened a store near us. The last 3 times we have eaten there they Were out of everything. It's been 3 months since last visit. I had a voucher for a free pick 2 meal. Got a broccoli cheese with a greens salads. I changed the salad to stuff I liked. Changed the lettuce, added Extra grapes, xtra feta cheese, life tomatoes, xtra eggs, grizzled onions, cucumbers, olive oil on the side. Also ordered 3 different bagels.
Got home and my salad was wrong. Had no grapes, no eggs, no cucumbers, 1 small piece of tomato. Very life of feta. The bagels were hard as a rock. The cream cheese wasn't the normal mind it was ok.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Monroe, CT There was a note on the website saying the cream cheese would be different. Not creamy. So my soup was a little frozen on the inside. Called back to the store and talked to 2 different managers. Good them what happened & the manager said I made your salad (he argued with me since he said he made it) he said we don't carry grapes right now. ( if you don't have it then tell people. I never got a phone call or note saying no grapes) He said their soul wasn't cold. He did say, we made the bagels that morning and they had been sitting out all day. (We picked up food around 4:30pm. I
This store is always out of stuff. A few meals back we got avocado on our sandwich and it was black and smelled weird.

I have pictures of my skimpy salad but having trouble uploading them.

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Feb 11, 2018

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