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C Nov 25, 2017

I sent my husband to the Panera bread in Parsippany NJ and not all my items were in the bag. I was missing the Cesar salad with chicken and the bag of chips. When he got home the only things in there were the 2 BLT turkey avocado sandwiches and 2 bags of chips. I am thinking there was a second bag that was not given to him.

I was quite annoyed when I got home late and there was no dinner for me.

So the next time I went up there I brought my receipt and told the man at the drive thru on Friday November 17th and I felt he just blew me off. He just said well everything is there today I just packed and closed the window.

I go there quite often and have never complained before now. I feel the gentleman was rude for closing the window on me as well as not correcting my complaint. My husband paid for the food but never received it.

I have attached a copy of my original receipt. I see on top of the receipt it says "WE'LL FIX YOUR ORDER RIGHT AWAY", which didn't happen, I wish to receive some kind of reimbursement for my salad. Please contact me asap thank you

Panera Bread

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