Panera Bread / hot water for beverage

United States

We visited Panera bread in Pflugerville, Texas and went away very disappointed. First problem, the cashier told us that we had no rewards but I received an email indicating that we were eligible for a free half sandwich. After several rescan of my card it verified that indeed we did have said reward. Second problem, no decaf coffee was available so I requested plain hot water since I tend to carry instant decaf coffee. We were changed 2.59 per cup for the hot water which was rang up as a soda. Third problem, with about an hour before closing, I was told no bread was available for the side for my soup and that I could choose either an apple, or chips or nothing. I did notice that a later customer did receive bread with her soup and salad. Grrrr. And the problem didn't stop there. Fourth problem they took up the hot water so when my husband ask for more hot water he received a cup of discolored water, see photo. Clean food, I don't think that this store is keeping up with your motto.

Panera Bread

Oct 15, 2017

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