Panera Bread / horrible customer service

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On 3/26/2017 at 5:58 pm location 4359 bronx ny 10475 cashier was brandy check number 684272 my family and i went through the most horrible experience, my family order 4 green teas and a you pick 2 meal and the cashier brandy charged us for 3 soda when i had ordered 4 green tea i then asked her where the 4 cup when she handed it to me and didnt even charge i then went to get the green tea ans the manager marcia ask for my receipt and informed me i had to pay the difference i then went to the cashier who originally took my order and tood you i had order 4 green tea not soda drinks she then yelled and ask me to relax thag it wasnt that serious and told me that if i had a problem she would be off work at 7:pm to wait for her outside the manager was standing and listening and didnt say anything to her the other employee where trying to pull back brandy because she was very loud i then told her it wasnt part of her job description the manager then refunded my money and didnt even apologize for how her employee treated me i was humiliate i asked for a higher manager but was told to call the store and ask for brian i would never go back to the store again and feel so hurt from how i was treated i had visited other panaeras and have never expericed anything like this.

Mar 26, 2017

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