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I am a Ex employee of Punier Bread, As I was not fired just taking off the schedule without notice. I called out previously to the new schedule being put out as my uncle had surgery. I have worked for Punier Bread for 2 Years and just currently transferred to a new state/Location. Since the day I started there I could tell I was an-wanted by Employees and managers. The day I called out it was cleared with my manger sash as I have messages. I could not come to work as I had my uncles kids, which one is autistic and the other is to young to care for him self so I stepped in till my uncle returned, he came home early the day I called out as I had called out both of my jobs and since my second job at 7eleven did not find a cover I decided to call and ask if I could come on in since he returned outlast to make up some hours. About 20 minutes of me getting to 7eleven my General Manager Mike Staples shows up comes in stares at me and walks out smiling . The next day when the new schedule was posted I was not on it . I asked why I got no answer which I also have those messages too. Since starting there I have only been scheduled no more than 20hrs a week, which I was promised full time and I took this complaint up with my GM and other managers and I was told that I was new . The 5 people or 6 people who have worked there for years were not scheduled less than 35 hrs each schedule I felt like this was an-fair, as I have been working for punier for 2 years and was just new to the store not the company. The managers talked to me like I was nothing I had an employee tell me no one like me because I was from Florida and new everything and they felt as if I was coming to step on their toes. One employee yelled at me for grabbing the wrong cloth to wipe down the line and told me she would beat me up and that she did not like me since I walked in the door because of how I looked and then she yelled to our GM Mike Staples that he needs to move me before she does. He asked what was going on and I went to speak he walked away from me. That can be seen on camera. Mike Staples then went and took her to the office and they came out and she walked by me laughing the managers never once asked me what happen all they did was remove me like she asked. I was constantly ignored by the managers. I have left work crying deciding if id rather be homeless or go back to work and deal with this emotional harassment. Now I have no choice and was removed from the schedule with no explanation. I thought I had a career with Punier or outlast making one step by step. I gave my Manager Amanda my second job schedule as she rolled her eyes and complained about having to work around it . I had to get a second job not by choice I had no choice now I only have one job and loss a lot because of this and none will help me I am seeking a lawyer and will be going public soon if me reaching out to Punier Is not enough.

Jan 15, 2017
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      15th of Jan, 2017

    What does this Punier Bread company have to do with Panera?

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