Panera Bread / entire order

My family and I came to have dinner while my daughter was at cheerleading practice. We arrived at the restaurant at 6:30pm knowing we had to leave at 7pm or we would be late to pick up our child from practice. At about 6:45pm I asked an employee where our order was because I was still waiting but the other guests that came after me had already been served. The employee stated "We are working on it" after I had given my order number. About 15 min later I asked again this time a different employee and he states that "Oh you order dropped off of our screen." I explained that we were going to be late picking up our daughter and we had to leave. I gave the employee my receipt and he gives me back half of my $32 and says oh and I gave you a voucher. So I walk to my car and my husband noticed that we were only refunded half of our money. And no voucher. My husband goes back into the restaurant and explains that we didn't get all of our money back and we didn't receive a voucher that he had offered. Now it's 7:15pm and we are officially late picking up our child from cheer and no one ate dinner. To top it off my 6 year old is throwing a fit because he's hungry and now I get to listen to him cry for the next 40 min because I have to pick up my daughter and go find somewhere else to eat dinner. Which means my kids won't be in bed on time and my morning will be terrible too... Thanks Panera Bread!

Nov 16, 2017

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