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I am writing this notice due to an incident that I had at this particular location. I tried to enter this Panera with a friend around 7:25pm only to find the doors locked. There were people inside and workers behind the counter. The workers started waving their hands and mouthing we're closed, even though the hours displayed on the door clearly showed that it's open until 9pm. This would not have mattered any other time, but my friend and I were there to meet someone, which I tried to convey to the workers who just stood behind the registers laughing at me. Someone finally came to the door, plastering a sign to the door in my face saying they are closing early for a team meeting (which is unusual to have in the middle of work hours). I had to ask the person to open the door to explain to her that I and my friend were supposed to meet someone that was already inside. She finally gave a "oh" and let me in. I asked to speak with the manager, who also gave the statement that they were closing early. I did not receive an apology, instead the workers stood behind the registers laughing and pointing. I love Panera but after this experience I will think very hard about giving my business to this corporation that hires rude employees

Panera Bread
Panera Bread

Apr 02, 2017

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