Panera Bread / condition of food and service generally at store #1575 in jacksonville

Jacksonville, FL, United States
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I evacuated from SW Florida to Jacksonville where I rode out Irma and had limited choice of restaurants and ate at Panera Bread on three occasions from 9/8/2017 through 9/15/2017. On each occasion the staff were very offhand, unhelpful and brusque if not rude. On the 2nd occasion I noticed how poorly the sandwich was made with all the ingredients stuffed in a general pile in the middle of pieces of bread that were no better (perhaps worse) than one can get at most supermarket bakeries these days; I ended up remaking the sandwich before I could eat it. On the third occasion (after being told rather roughly upon ordering a breakfast sandwich " we are finished with that at 10.30") I ordered the same sandwich as the previous day. When it arrived I asked them to make it properly and not just piled in the middle of the bread as on the day before. When it was returned it appeared to be in the same condition so I had to remake it. The turkey was in small pieces and appeared to have been soaked in something (not appetizing at all) . I started to eat the apple and found that the side that was hidden from view had a flat, brown, rotten oozy half dollar area where it had been resting obviously for a considerable time (perhaps weeks but obviously was not fresh). It was obvious to any one that no one had looked at the apple before serving it, at least no one who cared. I asked for the manger and after being told rather rudely where I could find the manager I said she/he could visit me at my table 5. I asked the manager if the apple was of the type and quality he would enjoy eating. He asked me what I would like him to do and "can I get you a fresh one." I considered this very rude, unprofessional, non apologetic and since they obviously did not serve "fresh" apples most unsatisfactory. I asked for my money back and was compensated 99 cents for the apple. While this was technically probably correct I did not know that I could pay less for the poorly made sandwich and not have the apple in the first place!
I tried diligently to find a way to make this complaint directly to Panera but without any success; in fact all I found was answers and prose which were designed to make Panera look efficient, caring and attentive. After my experience and reading some of the complaints I have formed the opinion that Panera is an organization that cares very little for any aspect of the customer except their money and cares arrogantly only about its manipulated bright shiny image and appearance to lure in those customers for its own enrichment. I will not eat at Panera again and will encourage others not to do so either.

Sep 15, 2017

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