Panera Bread - Chapel Hill / predatory towing

Chapel Hill, NC, United States

My son and I were meeting my daughter at Panera Bread in Chapel Hill. She called at 11:36 a.m. to tell us she had already arrived. I said we would be there in about 5 minutes. She said, ok, I'll get some coffee. She parked the car at Panera's in a 90 minute parking space. When we arrived at 11:41 a.m., there was a tow hook on the car. I yelled at the guy to stop and ran into the store, the manager was incredibly rude and said they would have given her 10 minutes after they saw her leave the property. She then proceeded to mock me. The tow truck driver was threatening and said he would accept $50 cash, that he would give me 20 minutes and if I wasn't back he would take the car. When I got back, I gave him $60 and he said he didn't have change and was obligated under the law to give me change, that he would take my car and my money. When my daughter went in to Panera to get change, the manager gave her dirty looks and made her feel awful. We have tried to work with the manager and she has been very rude. I feel physically threatened and found out through phone calls to the city that this tow truck company and this driver in particular are guilty of predatory towing. Shame on Panera for failing to look out after their customers. I have several food allergies and Panera happens to be a restuarnant I can eat at, so this is disturbing on several levels to me.

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