Panera Bread / available vegan menu items

Woodbridge, VA, United States

I am putting in a complaint of Panera's vegan menu items. First of all, there are only three vegan items. That is not including the salads, because most of the dressings are not vegan. The only two vegan items, that I have personally seen, are the black bean soup, the garden vegetable soup (w/o pesto), and the Mediterranean Veggie Sandwich. The sandwich isn't even technically vegan because the bread has honey in it.

On to the "Plant Based" menu section that currently has two items on it. The Ancient Grain Greek Salad and the Autumn Squash soup. NEITHER of which are actually plant based. They are vegetarian. A plant based diet consists of whole plant foods with no animal products. If you are going to have a plant based section actually have plant based items on there.

Onto my personal problem. My go-to item to get at Panera is the vegetarian black bean soup. I consistently get it. Until now. You just, all of a sudden, up and take it off the menu, along with the garden vegetable. SO, not only cannot I not get my regular menu item, I cannot even get a different soup. None of the soups available to me are edible. So, thanks for that, guess I can't have a nice hot soup in a bread bowl on a cold day. So then, the t thing I usually get is the Med. Veggie Sandwich. I love this sandwich so much but, every time I get it I have to hope and pray they have mercy on me and decide to actually put the extra veggies I ask for. That is a local problem, but the next problem with the sandwich is not. You get one sandwich, and it usually pitiful and just slapped together. My fiance get the ham and swiss, which is the same price, and he gets TWO SANDWICHES. Not to mention they are piled high with meat and cheese. Not to sound like a child but that is utterly and completely unfair. Just because I choose not to partake in the cruel mistreatment of animals, doesn't mean I deserve less. If anything the Med. Veggie should have two sandwiches because there is barely anything on there!

Vegans are human beings and we deserve to able to eat out at any restaurant we please without having to alter or work around anything. All we are doing is trying to save this planet, ourselves, and the animals.

I eat here often because I trust your food over fast food. I know its clean. But you favor people who eat animal products over people who don't and until things change and there are more vegan menu items, I will not be eating here again.

Sep 23, 2017

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