Panera Bread / a manger

Miamisburg, OH, United States

I went in a few days ago and was waiting in line to order. I was looking at all the bagels and the choices on the menu. when I placed my order I was waiting for it thats when I over heard one of you mangers being disrespectful about another customer not being able to speak English. I was disgusted and offended by him I have family members who can't speak English well . He even spoke to the employees about it and they all just looked at him. One of the girl workers making the food looked every uncomfortable around him. Panera shouldn't hire people who are going to talk about others especially customers I couldn't believe what I heard. I was so upset I couldn't even eat my food, I didn't want to eat something a disgusting human being would touch. I through it away and left. You needed to talk to that manger and get him under control!

Oct 28, 2018

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