Panda Express / the employee

I was at Panda Express in Sugarloaf Mills Mall this weekend. My food total was $19.01 and I had a $20 and didn't want 99 cents back. So I told the cashier I will bring the Penny back as soon as I pay for my niece food at the next food stall. She said no and didn't give me my food so my food sat and got cold while I had to stand in line and get my niece food from not even 2 feet away. I was so angry with her customer service. I got my food and it was not good because it had sat about 7 mins I like my food hot and fresh. I love Panda but if I see her again I don't remember her name but
I always remember a face I will not support Panda neither will my family. That's the only place I eat in the mall but I will find another one to eat at.

Nov 14, 2017

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