Panda Express / Service/employees with attitude

For the first time ever entering a panda express, and within a minute of trying to figure out what me and my family wanted to order we heard next person pls, which was us, but as a first timer in any panda express we weren't familiar with your food or service so we did one moment please still looking, employee shouted again we were the only other customers there we said again we're not ready yet, so a comment came from the same employee I ask them twice i'm not asking again, and the other employee commented, I don't know why they're standing there for anyways, blew me away I was hurt disappointed, shocked and in dis belief that we we being rushed to order and then being abused by these employees. Had our 5 year old with us so we didn't cause a seen or responded just walked out. Very bad nasty and disrespectful people working for your business. I wanted how many more customers had to deal with that and how much money the company lost because of rude ungrateful employees like them. Won't be going back to any of the panda express. First and last visit in one day. Very very very dissatisfied and disappointed, we were so excited to try something new and got ### for service makes me glad I didn't eat there no care for customers means not sanitary cause they don't give a damn.

Mar 11, 2017

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