Panda Express / online order on 11/12/17

11/12/17, Online Order #1271172, Fallbrook CA Panda Express [protected]

I put in an online order for 2 entrees and 2 appetizers. My husband picked it up, and when he got it home we realized the the appetizers were not included in the bag. AGAIN!! This happens with this store ALL THE TIME. There is always something wrong with the order and it is extremely aggravating! The manager said the only thing he could do to help me was to have me waste my time and let my food get cold by coming back to get the excluded food. I asked for my money back. He said I'd still have to come back. I asked why, didn't he have my online order copy. He said he'd have to see my receipt. Seriously?? That's the best he could do? It's ridiculous!

Panda Express

Nov 15, 2017

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