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Panda Express is an organization that appears not to promote a fair number of non-Asians. In spite of more than 65% of it's hourly non-management employees being non-Asians its proportion of non-Asians in above store level (e.g. District Manager - called ACOs) is very low. I am estimating these numbers and its accuracy is not assured 100% but noted as directional.

Why do I say this?

Look at the numbers(est.)

130 District Managers = 25% non-Asians
30 Regional Directors = 0% non-Asians
7 Zone VPs = 14% non-Asians

I worked in Florida and witnessed our ZVP (non-Asian) unexpectedly resign in July 2010? Our strong, inspiring President resigned last Nov 2009- he was non-Asian. I find it difficult to understand that a company with over 10, 000 employees cannot find more qualified non-Asians to be in leadership positions above the restaurant level. Seems that other chains have been able to do better - why?

Get the picture?

For a company whose mission is to inspire and better the lives of it employees - what type of employee is being bettered? Your call.

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  • Mr
      Jan 04, 2012

    I wholeheartedly agree. I have applied for an open management position with Panda Express in two different states and have had no luck. I have a resume with 23 years experience in restaurant management, 15 of that being with my latest employer. I answered an ad that said they had positions for General Managers and District Managers with open interviews. I spent time updating my resume since it had been 15 years and I also bought a new suit for the interview. When I arrived to the interview the district manager seemed to have a smirk on his face when he made me aware that they only promote from within, and made me feel like I just wasted my time. He did ask me if I would be interested in a job for 9.00 an hour which was quite an insult. I love Panda Express food but just can't get myself to eat there out of principal. It's been almost 2 years since I have given them any of my money.

    To sum it all up I believe the ad should have read: Now hiring quality managers with very low self esteem that will accept a third of their pay to work for us as an employee. Please join our team so we can fill our quota of non Asian management. Thank you!

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