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Hi, my name is Jennifer Yates and have been a consumer of your product for many years now without problems or complaints of any kind. However, I recently purchased a carton of Pall Mall Light 100 Blues and have found in each pack I've open more than several cigarettes have small tears and what looks like puncture holes, some near the base of the filter, some higher up towards the center. Needless to say, these cigarettes are unusable and frustrates me as a consumer quite a bit when I've paid for an unusable product, especially my cigarettes! Being that the carton I purchased was promotional .50 off each pack the store I got them from will not take them back as an exchange which has brought me here today. As a loyal customer I would like to request that the Pall Mall company mail me replacement product of some sort, it would be very much appreciated and guaranteed to keep me as a valued customer of your product. Also, I have long ago created an account through the pall mall website in the hopes that I, like several of my friends and family, would begin recieving the same promotional offers and coupons by mail but I have never once received either of these things from Pall Mall. Why is this? I made the switch from Marlboro to your brand and I still to this day recieve many coupons from the Marlboro company, sometimes several times a month without making any contact with them. I believe that this company is one of integrity that cares for and values its customers. I hope to soon see prove of that statement and will start to recieve such money-saving coupons in the mail and hopefully replacement product for the damaged packs I've purchased. I hope to hear back from a pall mall representative soon. Thank you for taking the time to hear my concerns. Your faithful customer, Jennifer Yates

Nov 28, 2016

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