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Islip, NY, United States

I ordered slipcovers from for a sofa, chair and ottoman. They arrived in a timely manner but were in 2 separate boxes which cost more in shipping and could very easily have been shipped in 1 box. My account was charged $97.92 for the products and shipping. Very reasonable, however... The slipcovers did not fit my furniture, even though I did measure before ordering. The design of the chair made it not work for me. I packed them right up and returned them in the same boxes I received them in. I went on line for their return policy and printed labels. I thought the shipping was expensive but they did not make it clear that I could use my own label and ship it on my own and probably save half. Bottom line, they refunded me $38.46 on a $97.92 purchase! They deducted $14.75 "odor", it said. Are you kidding me? The 15 minutes the chair cover was out of the package and on my chair it came back to them stinking?? I don't have animals, we don't even use the living room and there are no smokers in the house. How in the world did this slipcover arrive back at with an odor? Never ever ever again will I order from! It is a total ripoff. I wish I had done more research then I would have known this.

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