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First off, when you go to order you get a box that says something about entering a promotional code. Worthless. There are dozens of sites that list $30 off $300 or more, 7% off first time customers, etc, but they don’t tell you that only applies to a very VERY small amount of items there.

When you place an order the first thing they do is take your money out of the account right away. Do they ship it right away? No. The next day? No. The day after that?! No. Mind you they got your money but they don’t even bother getting around to sending it out until five days later. After that when it gets there is dependent on how fast the lowest priority delivery service gets it there.

But allows you to pay extra to expedite your item, right? Wrong again. Just like with the coupon savings, the “live support” people will promise you one thing then look again at your order and inform you what you are buying doesn’t qualify. From people I have talked to, to date no one has ever bought anything that qualified for savings or expedited shipping.

So with all that frustration you’d think you could cancel the whole thing and get your money back, right? Again, no. In my younger days I worked for a couple distributors and in the warehouse at one, and I know for a fact as long as the product isn’t on the truck going down the road, you can cancel the order before it ships out. I have seen and myself grabbed boxes heading into the delivery truck because the order was canceled. Their policy is such that even though they won’t get around to sending it out for two more days they “can’t” cancel your order, which is a huge lie. They don’t want to because they know at a certain point you’ll realize that it wasn’t worth the discount to shop from them and you are better off elsewhere. No, you have to wait until it comes to your home so you can send it back to get your money.

THAT has to be illegal.

When a company says something *may* take up to a certain time period to deliver that should be a fallback, a worst case scenario, not the status quo. If you are considering buying from them don’t. If you have to pay an extra $5-$15 dollars elsewhere it’s worth it. If they don’t change the way they operate they are going to go out of business and they deserve it.

Reading similar problems people have had and the fact some are a few years old really scares me. I know I am going to get screwed further and it's going to be a nightmare to return my defective product but I will not let them get away with it.

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      28th of Aug, 2009
    0 Votes is not selling you the product, one of 798 vendors they call warehouses are. Beware. When you order something the vendor may be out-of-stock, substitute a refurbished product, or simply fail to ship and communicate with you.

    How It Works
    Overstock's warehouses (vendors scattered all over the US), are free to enter the description and quantity into the Overstock website with no faxct checking. They may not even have what they are selling in inventory and that is where the shipping lie begins.

    Shipping & Overstock
    You order something on Overstock and the source (80% of the sources are) a third-party vendor not part of Overstock, Inc. The vendor waits two days after receiving the order (Overstock lets them do this) before entering into the UPS tracking system. You might now get a Tracking Number with the status set to "Billing Information Received" or BIR. BIR means that someone told UPS to expect a package - nothing more. So now the vendor orders your item from another warehouse. You look at the shipping status for three days and call OVerstock. They tell you it shipped even thought the status is still BIR. This is a lie. 99% of the time UPS tracking is correct. The moment the truck with your product arrives at the local UPS depot, your package is scanned. So even if the pickup driver missed it, it gets scanned and the status changes to "In Transit". Overstock will tell you the warehouse forgot to scan it - remember UPS scans the box at the depot. Now, five days after you place your order, the third-party vendor receives the product they ordered to fill your order. Now it gets put on a truck, and the shipping status changes to "In-Transit Rescheduled". You just learned that the vendor was lying about something all along and Overstock had no idea. If you raised enough of a stink at Overstock, magically the product you ordered will go out-of-stock.

    Overstock talks a good game about customer service, but as far as we can tell, they will partner with any vendor no matter their reputation on other sites - is about moving product, and as the buyer, you are just another transaction.

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