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Hello all,

I would like to share bit pathetic and un-professional service from trip factory for trip to Dubai from Mumbai (Trip ID - TFN001HA6KF).

Day 1 was good and did not felt anything odd. From day 2 onwards we started experiencing difficulties which I am listing down -

1) On Day 2 Dubai City tour with dessert Safari was planned. Morning session was of Dubai City tour and the pick-up was arrange between 9:00 AM to 9:30 AM however, the Cab driver came exactly 1 hour late i.e. @ 10:30 AM. This resulted in drop-off being late by more than hour. Further, the driver was asked to drop hardly 300 metres ahead of our hotel to the restaurant, which was on his way, however he refused straight away by giving some bad words while we were alighting.

2) Now due to above delay, we did not have sufficient time to have lunch and to rest (For the record and information, there were 2 senior citizens [almost between the age of 50 to 55] and 1 pregnant woman travelling out of total 5 persons travelling). When they reached hotel after having lunch, pick-up for Dessert safari was ready. We asked him to pick up late as due to above scenario he straight away refused and accordingly we had to hire private taxi for which we spend almost 200 dirhams.

Hence, we immediately asked for Private transfer (as we could save our time) with immediate extra payment, but trip factory wasn't able to arrange that. We had requested, if not today but from next day onwards for Private transfers, for which they initially agreed but was not able to provide until the end of the trip.

3) On Day 3, same happened but only difference is that driver was late by ½ hour. We had to hurry in each matter.

4) Horrific Day 4,
Part - 1
Ferrari world and Abu Dhabi city tour with Mosque was planned. The Pick up was arranged @ 9:00 AM however, the bus driver came exactly 1 hour and 30 minutes late. As informed, the driver was late due to unexpected rain resulting in traffic. One will wonder that, all the other travellers can reach at proper time to the Ferrari World with the given traffic and sudden weather change (Rain) but only Trip Factory bus could not reach. The bus driver after picking up all the passengers reached @ 12:30 PM in the afternoon i.e. 2 hours after our pick-up and Abu Dhabi City tour with Pick-up was arrange @ 3:00 PM in the afternoon.

Now with 2 hrs and 30 mins time (including 30 to 45 mins Lunch timing and 15 mins from entry point to exit point) one can enjoy hardly 1 hour and 30 mins. There were 17 to 18 different attractions and rides spread at distance (of which only 3 to 4 rides of high speed a pregnant woman cannot do). For Ferrari world 1 day should have been allotted but while planning for the itinerary, Mr. Deepak of Trip Factory should have informed and accordingly we could have built itinerary. In the wake of above, things we did not at all enjoyed Ferrari world for which we paid full amount.

Part - 2
Abu-Dhabi City tour was kind of waste of money. Trip Factory neither informed us orally that for mosque women need to have specific cloths nor did provided and there was no guide to explain while going to the Abu Dhabi city tour. Whereas, other tours and travellers provided all the above things including specific cloths for going inside mosque. We did not went inside and just waited outside seeing our time and money wasted.

5) On Day 5, Mall of emirates & Dubai Ski was planned where, as per itinerary pick up was planned between 09:30 AM to 09:40 AM but again driver came between 10:15 AM to 10:35 AM 30 minutes to 1 hour late (have necessary proof where on Telegram app Mr. Clinton asking to release to Cab/Bus when we denied boarding as they were late & hence we went to shop at nearby places).

6) Last but not the least, pick-up for airport transfers. As were roaming in market, we had asked the driver to pick-up from the market for which he already told yes and later denied. As he initially told yes we were bit relaxed and continued our shopping. But after some time the driver called and told it is not possible for pick-up from market at our location hence we requested him to wait for 10 to 15 mins to reach at hotel lobby by hiring private taxi. We did reach in time i.e. within 15 mins but now the driver was not there and was also not picking up the phone hence we continued the same taxi to the airport. The funny thing here was we were in between on the way to airport had the cab driver did not asked to come to hotel again because it actually wasted our time and money.

7) Furthermore, Mr. Sudeep & Kshaunish of Trip Factory informed that they will call and resolve the issue once we reach to India and it is been more than a week's time they have not called us.

8) One should bear in mind the kind of service a tour operator is providing because, I personally know that in most of the foreign places i.e. Dubai & Singapore the problem of traffic is not there as the population is less and is more advanced with respect to condition and number of lanes in roads to avoid traffic situation and trip factory is trying to hide their short-comings giving this particular excuse as they are not able to manage properly pick-up & drop-off service and have very rude irresponsible drivers. We spend lakhs of rupees and we give it in advance to the tour operator and we enjoy partially for their services and even in some cases we incur from our pockets for their pathetic services. While planning the itinerary they could have informed and allotted 1 day for Ferrari world (and actually requires at least 1-day to visit and enjoy most of rides and attractions) but they only see their own pockets and simply don't worry once the tour is over.


Dec 07, 2018

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