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Orkin Pest Control / Fraud

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My wife and I needed someone to spray our home for insects. Thinking a national chain would be more reputable than a mom and pop joint, we called Orkin. They advised us that they could do a one time job costing about $100.00 (I can't Remember the exact amount) or they could offer a recurring service contract where we would come once every two months. The person from the call center told us it could be cancelled at any time. This was also the story given to us by the technician on his initial visit. Circumstances have now made it where their service is no longer required and we needed to cancel the service. My wife was told that we would have to pay 60% of the remaining year. My wife told them that she had not been told that when we entered the agreement. My wife was blown off and was told we had to pay the full amount for the service or pay the 60% to cancel. I then called and asked for the manager who was not available. When he did call me back he too refused to allow us out the service agreement that was misrepresented to us. I advised him that I would pay for the remaining service but that I would not offer my business to them any longer. I also advised him that I would inform all of my family, friends, and coworkers of their deceptive practices. The service manager (Randy) then began yelling at me and insinuating that I was a bad person for wanting out of my contract. He then agreed to let me out of the contract. He then went on to say that should we need Orkin's services again, he would charge no less than $250.00 for a service call.

In summary, not only does Orkin use deceptive practices to bring in and maintain clients, they are also rude and lack any customer service skills. I for one will never do business with Orkin again and I highly advise you to do the same.

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      20th of Oct, 2009
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    We sued Orkin after they failed to show up for a retreatment. We later discovered that they went to the wrong house and found no one home. During discovery we learned that they had never treated our house in the first place. They switched the case to Federal Court, claiming that there headquarters was not in our state. We would have won had it stayed in the state court. We were attacked personally. They apparently threatened our witnesses (one lost his license) and despite admitting fraud on the witness stand won the case because they convinced the jury we just wanted our remodeling paid for. I wanted to write a book about our experience and paid for the transcript of the trial. A publisher told me that if I used names I would wind up in the bottom of a river with my legs attached to a concrete weight. This company charged us over $2000 to treat our house and said it would take two days to drill the holes to float our house on a cloud of pink foam...we have a brochure showing a home floating on a cloud of pink foam that they gave us. The two young men told us that they were finished the same morning they arrived. We asked them if they were done and they said that they were. We were too naive to realize that there were no holes drilled in the perimeter of the basement floor. We have a B-Dry system which prevented them from treating our house. They knew that or should have known that when they wrote the contract (they made a very detailed drawing of the floor plan with the holes every twelve inches). They also didn't notice that we had wood in contact with soil (we didn't know what that meant until the is a conduit for termites to the roof). It turns out that it says in the really fine print that if they cannot treat your house you are out of luck. We also discovered that we had presumably signed a waiver that agreed that they did not have to repair any damage from the termites after treatment. It is probably safest to use a local company where you live so they have to worry about their reputation. We had a local person come out for minor pests. He told us that termites are everywhere so if they put out the traps they are guaranteed to find termites, which does not mean that your house is a target unless you have wood in contact with soil. They did treat our house for carpenter ants, twice. The first agent who came to our house told us he was a former FBI agent...he was later arrested for fraudulently doing taxes among other things for illegal aliens. He tried to sell us a water softening system even though we already had one! We paid a fee each month for carpenter ant protection and then when they reappeared they tried to charge us again. We lost our entire savings rehabilitating our house in the ten years or so that they termites managed to work their way to our roof. Their lawyers are practiced in defending the company and have to have a good track record to keep the business (undoubtedly lucrative); no matter how good your lawyer is, they are not prepared to deal with their lawyers (the kind that give the profession a bad name). The WWW is full of stories about consumers who were wronged by this company. My understanding is that the other major pest control company is no better.

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