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I recently (03/25/12) purchased a package of Oreo Original sandwich cookies at local Walmart. The package had the 100th birthday loga. Every cookie had only half the filling, and what was there was so thin that it was indistinguishable when you looked at cookie. Also the cookie itself was so thin it broke into pieces. Having been oreo cookie fan all of my life this was not the product I know. Did I get a rejected package? I hope this isn't the new Oreo cookie as I will discontinue to purchase and my family loves them.
Just thought it should be reported in the event it was just a fluke.The barcode is [protected] and another number [protected].
Thank you, A disappointed Oreo cookie consumer.

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  • Di
      11th of May, 2012

    The exact same thing happened to me with a recent purchase. I was VERY disappointed. Not the Oreo cookie that I have known and loved. Shame on them for putting out an inferior product on their 100th birthday!

    Disappointed in NH

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  • Br
      11th of May, 2012

    Try Hydrox.

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  • Th
      11th of May, 2012

    Yes Brenda dearest.

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  • Mi
      29th of May, 2012

    dear oreo, i have been reading some the complaints about your cookies and ive noticed they seem to be coming from the cookies marked in 100 year old birthday packages. my wife and i (46and 43) were on a trip from omaha to denver and we were both wanting oreo cookies so we stopped in york, nebraska walmart . we felt like kids getting milk and oreos for our trip. we opened up the package and i grab a cookie not waiting for the milk and to my surprise this wasnt the oreos i normally eat. the cookie part was like different hard and crunchy. i finished the one bite threw out the rest of the cookie out the window i was soooo let down.the difference was like a regular coke to a diet coke just plain off.i hope that this isnt going to be how oreos will be from now on because we will no longer be buying them thank you mike and tammy hall

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  • Je
      29th of Jun, 2012

    Dear Oreo, It broke can you fix that by making them stronger.

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  • Sa
      10th of Sep, 2012

    I have had the same experience with the OREO COOKIE. Damn...I never tasted a cookie that was so bad. No filling...cookie was dry and disgusting. I swear off OREO COOKIES forever. Like everything else the OREO COOKIE that was is no more.
    Sandra Biacchi
    September 10, 2012

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  • Am
      25th of Oct, 2014

    We also have been Oreo cookie fans for over 20 yrs and they are just recently starting to taste different and it's not for the better... Have you changed ingredients or cheapened the recipie? I can tell you we won't be buying Oreos anymore due to the fact they are not worth the calories and sugar content I used to justify eating them for because they tasted absolutely wonderful until now.

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  • Ph
      4th of May, 2016

    Just purchased two packages because the Grandkids love them. What a disappointment. Filling is probably less than half of what it used to be. Certainly not what is pictured on the package. (False advertising?)The cookies had at least half of them broken. If this is the "new" Oreo you can keep them as we won't be buying them any longer. Perhaps when your sales fall off or better yet just end you will wake up and stop taking advantage of your customers. Such a shame, you ruined a good product.

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  • Li
      16th of Oct, 2017

    I bought a pack of Oreos out of the vending machine today, which is something that I seldomly do as I try to eat healthy but never again will I buy Oreo cookies, the taste of them now are so nasty, no chocolate flavor whatsoever in the cookie. This used to be my favorite since I was little girl, thanks for messing that up.

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  • Pa
      10th of Nov, 2018

    Why are you getting so cheap with the filling in the Oreo? You have to be losing more money than boosting your profit. A wise person once said "IF IT AINT BROKE. THEN DONT FIX IT"!!! Reset the line to release more filling on the Oreos!

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