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I shop at the store on 3109 Martin Luther King Boulevard in Dallas Texas store number 4025 and every time I go in there the store manager name is Mike he always tried to get me to buy things that I don't need or that I don't want one day I went in there this younger guy just asked me did I need some brake Grease and brake fluid he explained it to me or why I needed it I told him no I'm okay on that I have some already then the store manager Mike short guy he comes up behind the guy who was helping me and and tell him ask him do he need to grease or the brake fluid I told your manager Mike the guy already asked me for this you can't make me buy nothing that I don't want so I asked him do you get a commission or something more money and on one occasion I was inside the store this other guy bought some brake pads Mike the manager of the store he run or package of greased up and put it in the guy bag without the guy even on it so he really charge the guy for a pack of Grease that the guy didn't need that he didn't want should I say and run it up anyway and put it in the guy bag along with the brakes and then gave him a total price that's not right if I come in about one thing I respect your opinion and what you think and why you think it I should need it but if I don't have the money for it don't press the issue I come in for one thing and one thing only the store manager up there is real rude when it comes to selling it's like he's getting a bigger pay by selling extra stuff if that's the case oreillys is crooked and if I find out deeper inside I would never shopping oreillys I'm let everybody else know not shopping O'Reilly

May 04, 2018
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      Jun 15, 2018

    I see where you are coming from but I also see where the Employees are coming from their job is to send you out the door with the right parts and tools to get a job done right and by them offering and explaing to you why you MIGHT need the item then that is okay and I understand some employees are more pushy than others but they just want to help

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