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Oreilly Auto Parts / bad customer service

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I always go to the O'Reilly's in Swainsboro when I need a car or truck part. I have literally spent thousands in there buying parts for mine and my family's vehicles. They now have 2 country bumpkins working in there, Scotty and Bobby. They act like they are high or something! Beaver and Buttface. As soon as you walk through the door you immediately want to walk out because they are giggling like two hippies high on ecstasy. I went in anyway because I figured that they were talking about something before I walked in. They weren't. Everytime I spoke they looked at each other and started laughing. I'm not the only one that they've done like that. If O'Reilly's wants to keep lucrative business they need to hire better help and put Scootie and Booty on the go!

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  • Ma
      14th of Nov, 2009
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    I think that O'Reilly's as a business is a great place but I don't think they realize the impact of having our loved ones constantly at work can be overwhelming for their families. I am overwhelmed by the fact that everytime I turn around there is a meeting being held. Most are not held in the same town where we reside so it requires traveling. I am upset because the job becomes top priority and there is more to life then just constantly working no matter if it pays the bills. Family also matters. Where does all this work pay off if there is never anytime to enjoy the fruits of your labor. To just have one day off a week and sometimes not even that. I never understand why they can't get with the program of having video conferences so that there is less money spent on travel and where people don't have to once again leave their families behind. I only get to spend time with my love one while they sleep because they are constantly working and I just think that if O'Reilly starts really acting like they care about their employees then people would appreciate working there more and wouldn't constantly be thinking about finding another job. Some may say "well someone would love to have your job" well the reality is just because you have a job doesn't mean the you are in a stable condition to just feel comfortable and with all the work that they do why are people still stuggling to pay necessary bills. Especially for Salaried workers I feel that they are used for so many reasons and it really is not fair. They take up overtime when a store doesn't have enough hours or employees cause the store is not making enough money, they have to do inventory at different store all hours of the day and all of this is really for free. They pay the lowest for regular work hours then I guess you feel better because of commission but after taxes are taken out you are right back to making a check that would be made by someone that works the front counter. I just think that the business world is so messed up that they so much care about their business that they forget that their employees are a very important value to the company making the money that they do. They just need to get it together and think about they are a family business that cares about caring on the legacy for years to come well we are families to that care about our loved ones and feel that they are not getting treated right. You either give more time or more money but I guess you want both.

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