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I just had a harrowing and frustrating experience with Orbitz. I booked a Christmas flight on Qatar Airways through Orbitz about eight months ago. They sent me a paper ticket. Then, I received an email from Orbitz saying there had been a change to my itinerary. When I called Orbitz to ask what I should do, they asked me to send the paper ticket back to them. When I asked repeatedly what else I should do, they said "Nothing; we'll take it from here." I subsequently received an electronic form from Orbitz with the new itinerary, which I assumed was my electronic ticket. However, when we went to the airport to check in, the airline said that the record says I was issued a paper ticket, and therefore they could not board us without the paper ticket. Calls to Orbitz from the airport (which took hours) were of no avail. After admitting they misled me, Orbitz now claims that they told me to call back after mailing the paper ticket. In the end, I have had to pay an additional 80 percent of the ticket's cost to get on a flight two days later. I spent countless hours on the phone with Orbitz. The staff were singularly incompetent (they contradicted themselves repeatedly).

I would like to know if others have had similar experiences, and what recourse we might have.

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      Aug 31, 2009

    Orbitz is a Very Unreliable Company!!! Beware if you decide that would be a good place to purchase airline tickets. They are nothing but a scam. They purchase large quantities of tickets from airlines, then set their price. They will intentionally consumers.
    My parents needed a flight booked so I found Orbitz website. I booked a round-trip flight for them to leave Tampa (TPA) and arrive in Detroit (DTW). The price was very decent($258.38) total for both to fly round-trip. After paying by Credit Card & hitting submit, I left the sight. A couple of hours later I finally checked my E-Mail for the itinerary info, it was all there, but instead of it being a flight leaving from Tampa (TPA) it now said that it was leaving from Orlando International Airport. Luckily I caught this and I was able to cancel the entire transaction. My Mother called the Customer Service line and after 2 hours of being switched from person to person she was unable to get a straight answer of how that could happen. Finally 1 person said that I must of hit nearby city and thats how it was switched. I know for a fact that I never did that and that Orbitz's just is passing the blame of their own incompetence. So PLEASE be very skeptical if you decide to deal with this company...

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