OrbitzFlight reservation was changed by orbitz agent without my authorization

On 9/11/2016 I booked on-line a flight departure on 1/28/2017. On 9/12/2016 the price dropped so I called the service agent to take advantage of the savings. The agent cancelled my original reservation and isued a new reservation, however, the agent entered the departure date as 12/28/2016. I had not authorized this change. When I discovered the error, I spoke to "Michael" in "corporate" who reviewed the history and admited that Orbitz made a mistake when they changed the date. He said that Orbitz would rebook the flight for the correct date at no charge. After not receiving the reservation after 48 hours, I callled the service center. A rep named "Veejay" said he was a manager in corporate and said Orbitz would not compensate for their error and that I should have detected any errors and notified the. I had no cause to check the dates since they were specified as the same date as the original flight. It wasn't until recently that I noticed the error when preparing plans to travel to the airport. I am asking Orbitz to take responsibility for their error and make compensation at no cost to me. Failure to do this will followed by calls to VISA to seek a refund due to Orbitz' error, notification of compaint to the DOT; notice to the Chicago BBB, complaint filed with travel advocates and notification of Orbitz' error and lack of concern for their responsibility to various social media web sites and internet. My cruise with my wife from Miami is 1/29/2017 and I have no means to connect to Miami to make the cruise.

  • Updated by Terry Tempel, Jan 22, 2017

    After I noticed the date change, I spoke to "Michael" in "corporate" who reviewed the transactions history and determined that Orbitz had made an incorrect entry on the departure date. He promised that Orbitz would rebook the flight for the original date without charge to me. I never received the reservation and when I called again, a "corporate" manager "Veejay" in India denied Orbitz responsibility and saif I would not be compensated to correct their error.

Jan 22, 2017

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