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Ontario Energy Group / Misrepresentation

1 Hamilton, Ontario, Canada Review updated:

On February 2, 2012 a sales person from Ontario Energy Group knocked on our door and told my wife that they needed to inspect our furnace and hot water heater. They needed to be checked to see if it met new government regulations. He presented himself as a government official on official business. He also said that he needed to see our energy bills. My wife let him in and he inspected the hot water tank and furnace. He told her that they were terribly in-efficient, old and needed to be replaced. My wife told him that she would not make any decisions and to come back when I was home. The sale person returned. I asked about the company he worked for. He stated that they are certified with the government of Ontario to inspect and replace heating and cooling equipment that is not energy efficient. He went on to inform me that our energy bills are way to high and our furnace and hot water tank are not efficient and they are old. I informed him that he is misrepresenting himself as a government inspector and he is intentionally lying to people and committing fraud. Our home has had a full energy audit conducted by a legitimate company and has been fully renovated. Our home is 90 years old and nearly 4000 square feet and our heating bill in January was $140. This is very good compared to other homes like ours. Our furnace is high efficiency and our hot water tank is 3 years old and also high efficiency. This company is misrepresenting themselves and intentionally committing fraud.

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  • Wb
      25th of Feb, 2012
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    I had a similar experience. An OEG person showed up at my house and told me that he was doing an audit to ensure that Enbridge supply users had equipment that was up to present safety standards. After seeing my hot water tank that was 4 years old, told me that OEG would replace it. After he left, I contacted Direct Energy and was told that OEG had no affiliation with them. I then contacted OEG and cancelled the tank replacement. Ever since Enbridge got out of servicing users themselves, it's just opened the door for every scam artist and fly by night outfit.

  • Bt
      12th of Apr, 2012
    +1 Votes

    Same thing just happened to me in Guelph. OEG sales rep convinced my wife she was working for government and saw our furnace and bills. She came back and tried to convince me to sign right away before the green initiative was gone. What a scam! She wanted us to buy a 5000 $ furnace with 9% interest over 15 years. So the thing would end up costing over 10, 000. What a scam.

  • Ve
      11th of Sep, 2012
    +1 Votes

    I also had a similar experience, but told the OEG Sales REP. to get lost as I knew what he and his Company was up to! Eugene Farber is the President of this Company and he also goes by the name MDG Newmarket Inc. Apparently besides scamming people in Furnace and Air Conditioning his people also sell lousy computers with little to no service. He is located in Oakville at 2940 Bristol Circle L6H 6G4 and in Newmarket at 17915 Leslie Street L3Y3E3 tel: 905-898-5847 under his computer selling scam and in Mississauga at 5155 Spectrum Way, Unit 6 L4W 5A1 tel 905-282-0048 fax: 905-282-0042 (SIC Code 8711 ) under his Ontario Energy Group scam ( ) . His businesses are NOT BBB Registered and they have received MANY COMPLAINTS For Poor Ethics, Misrepresentation, Bad Service and Fraudulent Activity: Look at what one employee of his had to say about the Company:
    "I worked that job, we were forced to say ontario energy and leave out the word group. I'm very sorry about that. I was fired for literally no reason and given little to know training what so ever. They literally handed me a script and told me to read it. On friday my boss told me he's listen to my calls and then tell my by Monday if I still have this job or not. These people are scam artist. I regret ever working for them. They won't allow me to come get my check. I'm going to the ministry of labour this week to file a complaint. DO NOT GO THROUGH THIS COMPANY!" ( Written in July 2012 )

  • Al
      5th of Nov, 2012
    +2 Votes

    I will post my experience I had tonight and let those reading judge.
    I had a young man come to my door. He said he was from 'Ontario Energy' and needed to come inside to make sure my furnace and air conditioner met the new efficiency standards. He literally started moving toward my open door as though he was going to walk into my house. I blocked his path, stepped onto the front porch, closed the door behind me. I knew right away he was using aggressive and misleading tactics, and I questioned him about his company and who he represented. He couldn't answer consistently, quickly got flustered and told me I could speak to his Manager. Only then did I notice the man standing at the edge of my property. Knowing full well these people would be going along the street preying on some of my elderly neighbours, I went toward the mystery man and asked him his name. He refused to tell me and actually told me to go back in my house if I wasn't interested. Since I don't take kindly to any bullying, I argued with him a bit. After insulting me a few times he reached around and patted me on the back twice in a mocking / demeaning way. Mr. Mystery no name man didn't realize that touching me equals assault and that I have a brown belt in jiu-jitsu. He was quickly pinned and restrained, I warned him that if he touched me again I would defend myself further and charge him with assault, then i released him. They walked away, the one yelling back that he would 'destroy me'. I quickly went inside to grab my cell phone, called 911, and followed them up the street. They were parked about a block away, got into a white BMW and sped off. Unfortunately i didn't get a complete license plate. Police attended the scene, I gave them a report, they told me to call 911 if I ever spotted them again, I've alerted my neighbours and hopefully these guys were shaken up enough to change a bit.
    In hindsight, the biggest problem I have with these people isn't whether they'll scam me, it is that I know they are just looking for the easy target to prey on. I agree that we are at a point now where no reputable company, charity, or other group should be knocking on doors soliciting anything. No reputable company should be doing it, and 99% no longer do.
    So Ontario Energy Group, in my opinion, is an organization that no one should ever deal with. There is enough convincing evidence online to back up my opinion, they don't even list a location of any kind on their website, and they employ people and practices that are questionable at best.

  • Ka
      13th of Nov, 2012
    +3 Votes

    (I've already posted this as a separate complaint)

    On November 13th, 2012 two employee's of OEG called to my door in the evening stating that the Enbridge services for my air conditioner and heater were covered under a new government effeciency rebate. If they could inspect the sticker on my heater and A/C unit they could make sure it had the right piping (as per new standards).
    I quickly informed them that I had not got an A/C and had no idea what letter they were referring. I asked if I could call Enbridge to have someone come out. I was told it would only take two seconds. The more questions I asked (as I actually know what I'm talking about) the more angry and rude they got. I calmly reported that I didn't have an air conditioner so their report must be wrong. Asking for credentials, besides they're flimsy laminated photo's I was told they were 'Licensed Inspectors'. Responding that I was actually trained my father in gas maintainence I said what could they do that I cant?
    In short the more legitimate questions I asked, like for phone numbers, credentials, whether I could find the information myself and report back, how the government had a contract out with them, the more irritated and insulting they became. Eventually they insulted me, my friend and more besides as they stomped off down the street.

    I contacted the office directly, just out of a formality, and made my complaint to a very nice young lady who has probably heard it all before.

    In short, this is a scam, just like the water heater guys heading around, using misrepresentation to take advantage of confused homeowners. The guys at the door are not qualified at anything, they are sales men. Any rebate that can be given you can apply for yourself. No one needs to come to your home unless you want them to. Finally, as per the white/black PVC tubing necessary this is a change to the regulations. Meaning that any NEW installations require this, old installations are not affected (although upgrades are strongly advised).

  • Da
      24th of Nov, 2012
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    I work for OEG, and I totally hear what you guys are saying. Some of the people I work with will just straight up say anything and everything to get a sale. I'm not too happy reading comments about misrepresentation, and hearing people lie about whether customers need a replacement furnace/ac/water heater or not, but I don't think any of the products being sold are a scam. Usually the program OEG offers is a fair deal for most people with old equipment, because the monthly rental cost is usually covered by the energy savings when you upgrade a 20 year old furnace or AC to a high efficiency model. Savings are even greater if customers are already paying some kind of furnace protection plan because the maintenance and repairs are free. Or are locked into high gas and hydro rates. One old lady that got a furnace and AC installed recently from me was actually saving about 60 bucks a month, after the upgrades, just because I was able to remove pointless $25 each heating/cooling protection plans from her bill + get her gas rates lowered from almost $.40 m/3 back to Enbridge market rate of about $.08 m/3. The difference between the 2 rentals with higher efficiency vs her old furnace with costly insurance plans saved her quite a bit, and she has new worry free units installed. She also called me back and said she was really happy with the installers and likes the new equipment, so that's a plus because I've read horrible things about the installations on the internet as well, but have yet to see any issues. Only bad thing that happened the other day was someone got a new furnace upgrade and the installers forgot to turn the pilot light back on the existing water heater, so the customer called me and I got the service team out there within about 6 hours to get it back on. Basically I apologize on behalf of every idiot out there who's goal apparently is to deceive everyone however they can to get a deal. I'm just trying to find people that need new equipment, and have yet to close any deal where it wasn't totally clear that the program would save homeowners a bunch of money, or at least break even.

  • Ma
      16th of Jan, 2013
    +2 Votes

    I had a visit from OEG today. As soon as I had a chance to get a word in, I asked if he had any association with the Direct Energy, Toronto Hydro or the Ontario Energy Board and he said he was doing an audit for the Ontario Energy Group. OMG had to check my furnace and air conditioner to ensure that as an Ontario resident, that I was prepared for the new energy efficiency regulations that came into effect January 1. I asked if he was selling waterheaters., He repeated his story. I told him that if he was selling waterheaters he could hit the road. He insisted it was only important to complete his audit. I let him check and the next thing he does is look at my water heater and pull out a brochure. I ORDERED HIM OUT OF MY HOUSE. He protested. I called him a liar and started dialling 911. He beat a hasty retreat. I checked OEG on the internet and printed the Star article about these scam artists. I followed him up the street and every house he stopped at I joined him at the front door, warned the occupant and showed them the article.
    After two houses, he bailed out and drove away. Next time I will check the web first.

  • Os
      10th of Apr, 2013
    +1 Votes

    Same story, with the same MO for me today like all the other people posting the scare tactics of OEG. This company should be shut down! Lucky enough I didn't sign their contract but they almost got me. People be aware of these scammers!!!

  • Ri
      3rd of Aug, 2013
    0 Votes

    I had the same problem happen with a guy who said he worked for the government and that he had a right to come in. Cards and id around his neck. I dont get fooled easy and I dont usually fall for this crap. The house was empty and it was for sale and I let him in. He could tell I had my back up and he had a bad attitude. Luckily I am a big guy and I think that may of made him think twice about carrying on with the b.s. Next time a guy comes knocking (Matthew targosz) think twice about how you decide to barge into a house. Your lucky it wasnt my parents or some elderly people. It bugs me everytime I think about it. Next time I will kick your ### clear of the porch. Go ahead and charge me a.h. I learned something that day. And next time I wont ask for id. Theres better things you could be doing to make money drop out!

  • No
      27th of Aug, 2013
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    I just had a similar issue. A man dressed in an OEG uniform with a badge came to the door and said they had some safety issues with other houses in the area and wanted to know what kind of pipes were entering and exiting the furnace and if they exited the house or the roof. He wanted to check the pipes at the furnace, and of course wanted to check the yellow energy sticker attached. He acted as though he couldn't believe it when I said no and made a point to ask if I was locked in with any fixed rate energy companies. I asked to get a closer look at his badge and not knowing anything about the company I said, "ok, well come back later after I contact the company directly to get more details". He practically ran away after that. I did call them they sounded displeased and assured me they would find out who it was and contact the appropriate supervisor, but I won't hold my breath. I don't think he had any intention of coming back to my door anyway.

  • In
      4th of Dec, 2013
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    I just had a couple come to my door, insisting they inspect my furnace to see if I qualified for rebate/rental/savings on a furnace. I told them straight away they were a scam, but they insisted on telling me the reasons why they weren't. I asked for a brochure, but they didn't want to give me one. They relented and handed me one that is for the company 'New Home Comfort 1-866-298-2300'. They asked me if I heard of the OEG, which I did. I'm just angry that they may con elderly or vulnerable people in my neighbourhood.

  • Ti
      5th of Dec, 2013
    +1 Votes

    I just had them here. My scam radar never fails, so I finally told the guy to buzz off! And I called the North Bay City Police to verify they had a permit from City Hall. They do but their tactics make me suspicious.

  • Ja
      13th of Dec, 2013
    0 Votes

    Visit today by a VERY aggressive young man wearing an OEG nametag. Basically told me I had to let him in to inspect my furnance stickers. Told him I did not. After shutting and locking my side door, he proceeded to come to my front door and harrass me. He swore, and didn't leave until I threatened to call and report him to police. He told me he was in my (elderly) neighbour's house next door, and there are a lot of elderly people in my neighbourhood of older detached houses.

  • Si
      25th of Dec, 2013
    0 Votes

    I had a similar situation at my house yesterday Dec 24, 2013. Christmas Eve of all the rotten timing!!
    A young lady rang my door bell, and insisted she had to check my furnace for cracked pipes because I could have carbon monoxide poisoning. She kept on repeating the she just did my neighbours house and my house was the last to check in order to finish up her survey of my area. She aggressively moved forward as if to enter my house thinking that her body language will make me move out of
    her way. I did not move and I held the door close to me to avoid her entering.. I told her "No", but she kept saying "I realize that but I still have to check", I told her my pipes are fine and I have a carbon monoxide detector on every floor, but she kept on cutting my off and insisting the she has to check my pipes and my label on my furnace. After telling her 'No' for about the tenth time . she torted
    "Well you know someone will come back" as a warning. I told her "Good, let them come, and I will deal with them" then I slammed the door shut. What an aggressive ###.
    I couldn't care less if my neighbours let her in, I know that she is a scam artist. What the hell could she know to inspect that I don't already know? I am a license HVAC . I can guarantee she is not.
    Bottom line is she just wants to get info off your furnace so that she can send someone to sell you something.
    These people do not have a right to enter your home under any circumstances. They don't have any court order to authorize
    them to enter your premise. So DON"T let them in!!!
    Next time pull out your cell phone and record them, while asking them to repeat their full name and company. Ask to see the fake badge to record it, then finally ask them why they are not a member of the Better Business Bureau. Finally tell them you know that they are fraudsters and you are calling the cops because they are on your property and harassing you!!!
    Let's see how fast they can run on video!

  • Th
      5th of Jan, 2014
    0 Votes

    Hello, I just recently had OEG install a new furnace and HVAC, they never completed the HVAC installation, but said that a service technician would come and complete the installation. Because my check was not certified, OEG required me to get a letter from my bank which I did. A week passed, then I received a call from them to fax a signed void check . It was late afternoon on January 3 and I was not able to comply until tomorrow the 6th of Jan. I am now posting this blog in a home that has no heat? All other services are working? Can OEG shut down the system via satellite? They told me that the HVAC installation would be completed in the spring due to a problem testing the unit in cold weather after I said that I would not fax the void check until the job was done. It is Sunday morning the 5th and I cannot get hold off anybody to resolve my problem. HELP PLEASE . As I could use sound advice . Thank you

  • Su
      10th of Jun, 2014
    0 Votes

    They were in our area about 3 months ago and tore out our old A/C unit and put in a new one. They still haven't come back to hook it up to the furnace and we have had some hot days. In other words we are paying for something that doesn't work, ahead of time. I am nervous that this will not be resolved.

  • Be
      23rd of Sep, 2014
    0 Votes

    I had a young man come to my door a couple of days ago wearing a traffic vest and with a photo ID hanging from his shirt pocket, claiming to be doing inspections on A/C and furnaces to ensure they meet new government guidelines. He said he was with Ontario Energy (which clicked in my brain as Ontario Energy Board, which they are not) and that it was a provincially sponsored program, so I let him come in and look and our furnace. We do not have central A/C. After looking at the furnace he told me that it was a very old unit (which I already knew) and that it would have to be replaced to meet the new guidelines. He then asked if he could have a look at my electrical and gas bills to see if we were paying unnecessary charges such as third party billing fees, so I showed him the bills. He then told me that we were indeed paying third party fees and that if we signed up for this "provincial government" program these third party fees would be removed and we would receive a FREE furnace and that they would install it for FREE plus remove and dispose of our old one also for FREE. Of course I was skeptical because I have been around long enough to know there is no such thing as free anything, but human nature being what it is I let him continue because up to this point I still thought he was representing a provincial government agency. Once we sat down at the kitchen table he pulled out some literature and proceeded to work some numbers regarding our billing and what we would save by accepting his offer. Long story short I agreed to sign a paper that was not binding and only confirmed that he had done the inspection and would submit our info to head office to see if we qualified for the program and that we would receive a phone call within a day or two from head office to let us know if we qualified. After he left I went online to check out his company which I saw on his papers was actually Ontario Energy Group, and was horrified by what came up. First of all, Ontario Energy Group is NOT accredited with the Better Business Bureau and they have a listing of numerous complaints against this company. There is an advisory warning against them from the BBB as well. I scrolled through some of these complaints and found that there are many claiming that the sales rep that came to their door misrepresented himself just like mine did, plus numerous complaints from people that had new equipment installed and were not satisfied with the service they received afterward. When I got the call from OEG head office the next day, I immediately cancelled and told them I wanted nothing to do with their company. I did learn a valuable lesson out of this however, be wary of anybody going door to door and be aware that they know how to say the right things to get you r interest, by offering you free stuff or huge savings. The FREE furnace of course turned out to be basically a 15 year rental.

  • Ro
      24th of Sep, 2014
    0 Votes

    Man arrived at my door stating that he was a government official and needed to enter my home to inspect my furnace. I noticed that his jacket and badge both had the OEG logo on it and questioned him about it. He explained OEG is a subsidiary of the government and that he was a government official who had the right to enter my dwelling to perform an inspection of my furnace for safety reasons. I said no thank you, please do not return and please leave. I was informed that he or someone would keep returning until such time as they were able to complete the inspection of my furnace. I emailed the company with this information and also asked to be left alone. I was told that the email would be forwarded to management however, without a name and/or badge number very little could be done. I was also told that they do not maintain a "do not call" or "do not disturb" list. I explained in a response that further such visits constitute trespassing and would be met in kind. The initial visit was on the 22nd of Sept. 2014 at 7pm, emailed OEG that night, response received on the 24th, complaint filed with for business practice on the 24th. I'm not a fan of bullying and OEG should be shut down for practicing such tactics, let alone impersonating, what did he say... oh yes, a government official, that's right. Something needs to be done to stop this crap, we're told there are laws and repercussions to prevent such practices yet still they continue so that tells me A. it's generating business for the bullying company and B. the repercussions aren't enough to deter such practices.

  • Ge
      15th of Jul, 2015
    0 Votes

    In Nov 2013 OEG knocked on my 83 year old mother's door, told her they were checking to be sure her central air conditioner met the new Ontario efficiency standards, had her sign a ridiculous contract ($80.00/mth for 15 yrs $6500 buyout), then replaced her perfectly functioning, fully paid for unit with a piece of crap Goodman.
    When I discovered this I phoned OEG explained my mother has Alzheimers and did not understand what she had agreed to expecting them to do the right thing once they were aware of her condition. They refused, I stopped payment expecting them to sue me but they have done nothing so far.
    My mom has to leave her house now, can't live on her own and this situation hangs over our heads.
    OEG is not a business it is a CRIMINAL ORGANIZATION. It should not be allowed to exist in Ontario and it's unethical, morally bankrupt ownership should be facing jail-time.

  • Fr
      17th of Aug, 2015
    0 Votes

    This is a message from my mother, who wasn't comfortable signing in with an account:

    i had two young men come to my door claiming to be doing safety inspections of furnaces and air conditioners in the neighbourhood. i told him that i was not interested in purchasing anything and he made me feel that i had to let him in to inspect the furnace to see if it met government regulations. again i told him that i had not received anything from the government to suggest that they were conducting a mandatory inspection of anything in the neighbourhood. because of the hard sell misrepresenting himself as a safety inspector of sorts i mistakenly believed he had asked to see my water heater. again he told me he had to do an inspection to see if my home met government guidelines. i foolishly let him in and realized i don't have a furnace because i have electric heat! i showed him the water heater instead! he left and when i looked up ontario energy group i realized he was a sales man and looked for him on the street. i found his friend and told him that i was going to call the company to complain. then i looked for the real creep who completely misrepresented himself and was condescending (" can i speak to the boss?" ) and insulting as well ( "did i interrupt your snack? you seem so angry"- after i realized they were scammers and was visibly annoyed that i had let them into my house). i spotted this young man leaving in his car, took down his license plate and complained to the company- whether this yields any results. the person who took my call was professional and assured me that nothing was mandatory and that she would refer this information to an agent manager. i am grateful that i found this page because i realize i am not alone in this experience.

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