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My husband and I had not been to Olive Garden in quite some time, but since he received a gift card from his employer, we decided to go. The server, who was a black male, never immediately served us our salad and breadsticks. We had to eventually ask him if we were supposed to receive them.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Avon, INAfter that we placed our order, and when he finally brought our order out to us, he sat it down, not on our table, then walked away to the table next to ours to talk with some children and give them high fives. I said to him, excuse me, but that's not acceptable. People have germs on their hands, and now you want to serve our food? We immediately asked for a to-go box and our check. We believe he thought maybe if he was more friendly with the certain people, he would get a bigger tip or something. He was very very rude to us, and we left Olive Garden very displeased. How can your establishment rectify this?

Aug 20, 2018
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