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Columbus Ga, United States

Hello Sir /Maam

My family & I visited with Columbus Ga Olive Gardens today 09/22/2017 for my bd dinner, all to be treated as if my family wasn't welcome after being seated the young lady that waited on our table was impatient to take our drink order, after decided to just have water she wished away, she comes back about 8 min later with water I felt rushed wen placing my food order all to get a salad with no bread until after the salad was gone I stopped & ask for bread, once my order arrived my pasta was cold, I had to ask for graded cheese, she then replied she dint know that my pasta was sitting back in the back, my husband & I was very disappointed, I ask the young lady to take the food back, I paid for wat my husband & granddaughter ate, never again will I feel bad about my patronizing a place in nu wanted at, Olive Garden has been around for some time now, I have choices other than Olive Garden where I could have eaten.

Olive Garden

Sep 22, 2017

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