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Ocwen Loan Servicing / terrible company

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9/11/2001 my children and I left our home across the street from the World Trade Center and never returned. During the next 4 years, we moved 5 times, due in part to the aftermath of 9/11 and to difficulties involved in a difficult divorce. In 2006 I found a house to purchase. My children and I would finally have a permanent home and we were so hopeful for our comfort and safety. I purchased this home with a loan that I did not like but signed on the advice of trusted bankers, lawyers, and realtors. I was assured that I would be able to refinance the loan immediately and that it would not be a problem. I have been trying since then to do just that. A year ago, I had renewed hope when the state of Connecticut instituted the Connecticut Families Program to help families renegotiate their loans. I was denied participation in this program on the basis of my federal tax filing due to issues involved with my status as a self employed person. In October 2008 I filed an application to renegotiate my loan through Acorn Housing. In February I was told that my lender, Ocwen Loan Servicing, LLC, refused my application stating that I made too much money to qualify for renegotiation. Within 2 weeks I applied again this time through Neighborhood Housing in Waterbury, CT. This time I was told that I made too little money. Next the broker for my mortgage got me in touch with someone at Ocwen. I was sent a package of application materials for loan modification for the President’s plan. I immediately filled in the required documents and submitted them by fax and express mail May 15, 2009. I was told at the time, by Valerie at Ocwen, that I would have a response within 20 days. After the 20 days I began calling Valerie. I only was able to reach the voice mail for Mr. Robert Probil at Ocwen. I left messages nearly daily until. After approximately 1 month I was able to reach Mr. Probil on the telephone. He told me that I needed to send in additional verification to qualify for the Obama plan even though these documents were not on the list originally sent me. I submitted these. Mr. Probil told me I could call him back any time and he would be happy to answer any questions. After submitting these documents I again began calling Mr. Probil to follow up on my application. After another 2 weeks of calling every day, I finally got Mr. Probil on the phone. He did spend an hour on the phone with me asking me questions about my application which made it clear that no one had even looked at my application in these past 2 months. At one point he told me that clearly made too much money to qualify, then he told me I did not make enough. At other times, he told me that he was going to help me, that my loan is a terrible one, that I should not have been given this loan. He also promised that I would be able to get him on the phone, that he had been traveling but that now he would be in his office. He also told me that he was going to make some inquiries and would get back to me by the end of the day. That was July 9, 2009. I have yet to hear back from Mr. Probil and I have not been able to get him on the phone. I have received a new form from Ocwen asking for more information, all of which is a repeat of the information that Mr. Probil received in our phone conversation one week ago. Mr. Probil is the only human being, other than the bevy of “service representatives” in India, who have no authority to help in loan modification. Ocwen does issue a dedicated phone number for consumers wishing to modify their loans which is answered robotically and essentially states that there is no reason to speak with anyone at Ocwen and that consumers requesting modification will just have to wait. There is no opportunity through that call of being transferred to a human.
It is quite clear that Ocwen has no intention of modifying my loan. Their intent is to continue to play cat and mouse with me, teasing me into believing that I can escape their claws and while Ocwen continues to sink their claws in until I am dead.

I am seeking a modification of my current mortgage. I want a 30 year fixed rate with the current market rate of approximately 5%, in keeping with the current Obama guidelines. I would also like my mortgage company to forgive the 2nd mortgage they hold.


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