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I am at the end of my tether with O2, they are causing me so much stress and anxiety because of their appalling customer service and denial of the facts.

I logged a complaint with O2 in March this year regarding the amount of data I received as part of my contract. This came about thanks to gross miss-communication from O2 themselves. Basically, O2 were unable to confirm how much data I received as part of my Unlimited Data contract which I took out in 2008. This was investigated for may weeks, which resulted in me being told that there was a cap of 3.5GB on my unlimited data contract.

Whilst they investigated, I also did some investigation of my own. Whist doing so I found that my O2 portal (on the O2 website) stated that my data limit was 10GB. Not only is this not unlimited, but it is also not the 3.5GB O2 were telling me it was supposed to be. I sent this information to the Complaints Specialist and advised them to continue to investigate. I never had a response to my evidence, so I had to go to the Ombudsman for assistance (which O2 tell you to do on their letters).

I provided the Ombudsman with a pack of evidence, screen shots, chat transcripts, emails, and they investigated. When the ombudsman sent me their initial report I found that there were pieces of "miss-communication" from O2. I asked the Ombudsman to investigate further, which they did, and some of the errors were eliminated from the report.

However, when I received the final report from the Ombudsman I found that there were further errors. In particular, there were two pieces of information that painted me out to be a liar:

I had sent screen shots to both the Ombudsman and O2 demonstrating that I could see on O2's website that I had 10GB data on my unlimited contract. O2 had now changed their response and were suggesting that I only had 4GB data on my contract. When the Ombudsman approached O2 about what I could see on my portal, O2 stated that they could see no mention of a 10GB limit on my account after allegedly checking all of their systems. This is either "miss-communication" or they simply didn't check.

I sent information to the Ombudsman regarding a phone call I had with O2 (including time and dates). This conversation was regarding the 10GB limit, which somebody within O2 confirmed existed. They also stated that I would have had unlimited data, but it would have been capped without me knowing sometime since 2008. I asked the lady to send me an email containing that information, and she agreed to do so. The email never arrived. When the Ombudsman asked O2 about this conversation they said they could find no evidence if it, even though all of their calls are recorded.

Basically, O2 were making me out to be a liar. When I saw the report I immediately logged a complaint with O2 regarding them miss-communicating to the ombudsman. I had two weeks to get a response and have them change the information they were providing the ombudsman otherwise I had to accept the ombudsman report. All they did was wait for two weeks for that time to expire, telling me that they wouldn't speak to me whilst the ombudsman was investigating.

Basically, O2 were forcing me to accept the ombudsman report which contained the false information. How can that be right???

Reluctantly, I had to accept the ombudsman report as it was the only way I could get to speak to O2. Just after accepting I got back in touch with O2 to discuss the miss-communication they had provided the ombudsman, only to be told that because I had accepted that ombudsman report there was nothing more they were going to do. This is despite them telling me that I had to accept the report in order for me to be able to speak to them about it.

I was told by O2 that the only way I could progress this complaint was to get a lawyer and take them to court!!!

My two main concerns were now 1)how O2 had miss-communicated to the Ombudsman in the report and 2) how they are still denying that the data I can see when I log onto their website exists.

I did manage to speak to one customer advisor who seemed to want to help but guess what, he was taken off my case and I was passed to somebody who also seems to not want to assist. Basically, I keep asking about the lies on the report but O2 state that they only passed on what they can see.

More worryingly, O2 are still stating the they cannot see on their system the 10GB allowance details that I can see on the O2 website (logged onto my portal). O2 seem to have now stopped looking into the issue.

The only conclusion I can come to is the there has potentially been a data breach and that I am pointing to an external server when I log into the O2 website.

With this in mind, and as O2 don't seem to care (I have told them that I think my account may have been breached, they responded that they don't think so, but they cant see what I can see) I am having to speak to the Information Commissioners Office, who seem very interested in the discrepancy in what I can see and what O2 say they can see.

All this, and my original complaint seemed to be a simple one for O2 to deal with.

With O2 making me out to be a liar to the Ombudsman (which I can prove to not be the case) and also potentially having security issues, I am continuing with the complaint until I have a satisfactory conclusion.

Be warned, if you ever have to complain about O2 they will do EVERYTHING to make your life difficult and to put the blame on you.

Nov 11, 2016

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