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NYSEG / horrid service

1 Walden, CO, United States

Me and my fiance fell on hard times this passed year. August of 2014 NYSEG had shut us off. We owed them like $400 so I paid them the pre-agreed $200 on a friday called them with the receipt number to make sure they had received the payment, she said "we haven't received anything, call us on Monday to talk about it." I told her I have 2 young children and I'm pregnant. She said there was nothing she could do.

So I called back on Monday "we haven't received any payment so we can't turn your electric back on." I told her I have the receipt and tried to read her the number and she cut me off and said "I'm sorry ma'am there's nothing we can do". So for the next 2 MONTHS I went without electric on and off the phone with these nit-wits arguing. Now mind you, I was shut off the last week of August so by now it's October and FREEZING. So towards the end of October I was arguing my usual case, the lady told me the last payment we received was August 26, 2014. My response was " are you [censored]g kidding me, I was told over 50 times in the last 2 months that they never received that payment, which is why I was never turned on.". She then said "it says here that your meter kept running even though the electric is off" nobody ever told me this. She said "in order to have you turned back on you need an inspector to come check your electric" I said fine, called my landlord, who is a ###-lord, and told him everything that was going on, he said "well you should pay your bill" I told him I have and I need an electrical inspector out to check the wiring. He said he wanted us to pay for it, took us another 2 weeks of arguing with his dumb ### and finally he paid them.

The guy came to my house and said "I'm not even charging you for this visit, your outside wires are frayed and need to be replaced" I said great.

Another two weeks of arguing with my landlord to pay for this $3000 job to get done, he finally gives in, and they fix it, the inspector came directly after and approved it, they turned my electric on, but whatever dumb ### turned the electric on had shut my gas off, so we had no heat in the beggining of December. I called NYSEG and the woman said "what is your address because I see your account was closed". I gave her my address and she said " this account is in Edwards (my fiance's) name". I said I have no clue how that happened as I never shut off my service and he never opened one. So I said whatever keep it how it is. I put Eddie on the phone, he told her the situation, and she said "well it's a friday so we'll have someone out by Monday to turn it on" he asked to talk to a supervisor right now. She put him on hold for 25 mins, came back and said we will have somebody out tonight to get that on for you. The guy finally came at 9pm. My kids and I were at my sis-in-laws because it was about 20° outside and in my house. My fiance called and said the house was finally warm. We went home at about 10pm another NYSEG employee came over and said "I came to turn your gas back on" I told him it was already done and he stated nobody put it in the logs. I told him to check, he checked apologized for the late time and left (note: he's the only Decent person I have dealt with during this year or so with these people)

So now fast forward to June, we get another notice, Eddie calls and talks to a man who says, and I quote, "if you pay us $120 we will stop the shut off until tomorrow when u can give us the extra $250 u owe us" Eddie said OK and called me to find someone we could borrow money from, my Gma let us borrow it, I called ready to give them the info (not even 45mins after Eddie talked to the guy) and she said "I'm sorry ma'am but that extension is no longer available". I flipped and said it wasn't even 45 mins ago that he talked to this guy. She said well someone has been dispatched so they could show up any minute and we can't get ahold of them to stop it. Eddie called them back and asked what we could do, once again I quote, " wait for the guy to come to your home and pay it in front of him" Eddie said OK, we waited all day at home (meanwhile my kids missed a drs appointment and I missed another appointment) finally 9pm rolls around, nobody ever came.

Saturday comes and Eddie calls to pay them the $200 they bumped it up to. The woman said "well u have to pay us $480 to avoid the shut off" he said this is ridiculous so even if I pay u this $200 you will still shut us off? She said yes sir. He said then I'm not giving it to you (we still have the money, trying to find the extra $280 to pay them) so I will be calling tomorrow and b******g them out. We have been given 4 different prices in just 2 days!!
Unfortunately they r the only electric provider around us so we have no choice but to use them.
I would NEVER in my life recommend them. EVER.

Jun 29, 2015

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