Nu Era, International Call Service / Poor and Terrible Service and Customer Service

PO Box 190959, FL 33119, Miami Beach, FL, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 1800-761-5704

We were lured in to this scam of getting this calling service through a customer service Rep who spoke our native language. They took $39.99 as refundable activation fee with promiss to refund ASAP if we did not like service. Any way we were unable to make any calls even after 1 week and had to call their customer service multiple times. Once we started to make calls, for minutes you will not hear any sound of getting call through than the voice quality would sound like speaking with some one in a hole or well. call would discoonect every now and than. getting a conection was very difficult.
Having been frusterated, called them to discontinue service and refund our activation fee. "Rose" a cust service rep said that service will not be disconnected till we recive and pay final bill, Now it was 19th of month and they told us to wait till 16th of next month, asked hem to get the bill out of our activation fee but they said that fee is non refundable and we will receive a calling card instead of our money after we pay final bill. Called to talk to some supervisor but the guy "Renzo" was extremely rude and unprofessional, he did not pay any attention to what we are saying and hung up on us. it is completely Poor service with most unprofessional bunch of people.


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