NTB - National Tire & Battery / fixing auto part.

Oak Lawn, IL, United States

One day my car parked in garage and notice water on ground, I still went to go where I had to go. So when I went to my doctors office got out and notice more running fluid I got back in to car I notice it was my cooling system hose mush have done something.. I filled with water until I got to where I head to go and on way home I went to N T B ..they checked my car and told me I need a new cooling systems I said yes, I DONT REMEMBER IF HE TOLD ME HOW MUCH FIRST...FIRST WHY IT TAKE 3 HOURS TO CHANGE, AND ALMOST 400.00 NT HAPPYT AT ALL WITH BOTH. It does nit look like a new one either.when I got up to watch them, there was a another car blocking my view, he was standing there looking under my car with a baby flash light, , I ran back in and said what are u guys doing?? He say soon

Aug 19, 2016

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