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The NTB here in Blue Springs, MO (just outside Kansas City) just attempted to scam me. I took it in for four...

I feel scammed

On Feb.14, 2008 I purchased 4 new 20" tires along with road hazard for my 03 Dodge pickup. I also bought the...

rip-off diagnostic

I visited an ntb dealer for an oil change and watched as the tech went around the vehicle for a diagnostic evaluation. After five minutes he came back and told me I needed new brakes all around and it would cost over $300.00.
I told him to change the oil and I would come back for the brake job later.
The next day I went to sears and told them I needed brakes. After 20 minutes or so the sears mechanic asked me why I thought I needed brakes. I told him someone had checked them and told me I needed new brakes. The sears mechanic showed me the brakes and that they had over 60% pad left and that they were wearing evenly. He said I did not need new brakes.
I went back to ntb and talked to the manager who in turn got the mechanic. The mechanic told me he had calibrated the brakes and that they were in need of replacement. I told him that he couldn't have calibrated the brakes since he never even took the tires off. I told the manager I would never be back.
After e-mailing ntb and received a call back from the regional manager. He was very apologetic and asked me to be patient and that he would reimbursement ober $70.00 for my sears bill for doing a proper brake evaluation since I would have never had a brake inspection if not for ntb's mechanic. He also promised me coupons for free oil changes. I did get the coupons but never got any money back.
A few years prior to this incident, the same ntb claimed I needed a front-end alignment which I had checked by my chevy dealership. They said my front-end was fine. I only went back to ntb because I thought that after 2 years they had straightened their vineland store out. Unfortunately, I am beginning to see a pattern of false diagnostic work and fraudulent activity.
I am writing a letter to the bbb and the nj state attorney generals office.

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    B Nov 15, 2008
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    The NTB here in Blue Springs, MO (just outside Kansas City) just tried a similar scam on me. I took it in for four new Michelin tires and foolishly took them up on a free alignment check. Not surprisingly, they said that my alignment was off and I needed a $100+ alignment service, or my new tires would likely not wear correctly. Oddly enough, the tires that were just removed had no unusual wear after 52, 000 miles and the car never drove with any indication of alignment problems. To top off this visit from hell, I watched as the tech "road tested" my vehicle like he was qualifying for NASCAR. Once again, there is no such thing as a good deal.

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I purchased two new tires at NTB in Houston on Westheimer Drive on 11/19/2007. I was told that these tire...

bad service

Took my car to NTB for an oil change and a tire rotation. On a side note, I've been told before by an...

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they caused my accident

In May of 2008 I brought my 1999 Mazda 626 to National Tire and Battery (who is affiliated with TBC...

No warranty

Purchased 4 tires, and alignment service for one year, last time car was taken in for alignment check wa...

Poor customer service

I purchased 2 tires made by Faulken om 1/20/2008 and noticed that the the front wheels shacked after the...

Tires and alignment program is a ripoff

We purchased new tires and the 2 year unlimited alignment package at this store last July for my 2003...

Purchased faulty tire

I have a 2001 Honda Accord that I took to NTB to have two tires replaced. I purchased 2 new Faulken tires and...

bad brake job at ntb!

NTB in Duluth, GA inspected brakes & recommended replace pads and clean and adjust back brakes. charged 356.00. Now only when braking, there is a loud clacking noise od which they have no idea what it is and/or after numerous attempts how to fix. They at this point are trying to escape responsibility for.

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    BATFAN1968 Sep 15, 2009


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Resolved Company is a rip off!

I purchased two new tires at NTB in Houston on Westheimer Drive on 11/19/2007. I was told that these tire...

wheel of fortune pricing!

On Saturday, November 10, 2007, I took my car to NTB for an oil change. I had a coupon that stated $12.95 for the oil change. I was quoted a price of $19.95. I asked why was the price $7.00 above the coupon price and was asked what would you like to pay. I said "don't play games with me". I walked out, because I feel they are not honest people and I will not do business with them again. I have purchased tires and other parts for my cars at this location (Store # 591, Deptford, NJ) and found they always have additions (Shop fess, and fees they fell they can get away with it) to the quote.

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    jugcochran Jun 20, 2011
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    National Tire & Battery DESTROYED my Jeep engine while in their shop and will not accept responsibility for the damage... Monday evening, Jan 3rd, 2011 … I had the oil and air filter changed at Jiffy Lube at 4592 Manchester Road, the Jeep engine was running fine …

    Tuesday evening( Jan 4th ) on my way home from work, I noticed light steam coming from under the hood, I checked the temp gauge and it was fine, but I thought that maybe during the oil change, they might have poked a hose or knocked something loose, and it was leaking … I was very close to the Jiffy Lube and I pulled in to have them check it out. They notified me that it was the water pump and the Jiffy Lube technician showed me with a flashlight. We topped it off with coolant and since my house was close, we decided I’d try to make it home, I went just a few blocks and pulled over in a Big K parking lot to prevent it overheating. I parked it there and called my wife to come pick me up … this was around 5:30 – 6:00 in the evening… the vehicle did not overheat.

    I had used the NTB on Manchester a few times before for tires / shocks, etc. and called them to see if they did water pumps… Brandy ( the manager ) told me that they do and she quoted me about $ 330.00 - $ 350.00, I told her that I would have AAA tow it in that evening and she agreed.

    I then called AAA and had them meet me at the Big K parking lot on Manchester and the vehicle was towed to NTB at approximately 6:30 – 7:00 Tuesday evening…

    I then went home. I received about 9:05 or so from NTB manager Brandy telling me that “ my vehicle was ready to go ! “ she said “ now you don’t have to rent a car for tomorrow, we stayed late to fix it … “ I had my wife drive me to the NTB ( about 20 – 25 minutes ) and I walked in and spoke with Brandy, she then informed me that the mechanic was still working on it, he was having trouble getting the fan to come on and that it was probably a temperature sensor or fuse … ( I stood with him and we looked at the fuse box under the hood, and no fuse was present – I ask him if he checked anywhere else on the vehicle for fuses and he told me not yet but would look into it ) by the way – the fan had always worked and was working fine despite the fuse box issue prior to this time – this is what prompted the comment about a possible temp. sensor …

    We stood there for approx. 10 minutes, the engine was running fine, smooth and no problem what so ever other than the fan, no rough-ness or loud noises … for example, Brandy had called me to come and get it.

    We agreed that it was too late to continue, and no parts could be obtained at that hour anyway, so they told me that they would get a temp. sensor in the morning and finish the repairs … this was about 9:45 or so …

    ( from the time Brandy called me at 9:05 until I left the NTB shop, the Jeep had to have been running for at least 40 minutes without any problem what so ever )

    Wednesday morning ( Jan 5th ), my wife dropped me @ the Enterprise Car Rental on Manchester and I rented a Ford Fusion for the day, thinking I could drop it off later that afternoon … I called NTB at 11:40 AM to check status on the Jeep, and I was told that the mechanic came into work that day at 11:00 AM and was working on it … NO MENTION of any overheating problems, noises or issues … he said they would call me later in the day when it was ready. Either I called NTB, or Brandy called me at about 3:00 and told me that it wasn’t ready … she admitted to me that “ the Jeep was running fine until it overheated while the mechanic was working on it and now it is making a loud noise“. ( those are her exact words ) I have no idea how long the mechanic had ran the Jeep during the day, but the call was at least 3 or more hours since I called that morning.

    I immediately drove to NTB and when I arrived, about 4:00PM – 4:30 PM, the mechanic had pulled the Jeep out to the parking area in front of the shop ( approx.. 30 – 35 feet ) as if it was ready to go… I asked if it was

    O K now, the mechanic and Brandy both told me no it wasn’t and it was making a very loud noise and running rough … I asked why it was sitting out of the bay and they said they didn’t know what else to do.

    The mechanic told me that it was making SUCH a loud noise and running SO rough, that he was afraid to drive it any further. I then set down with Brandy and discussed with her that they ( NTB ) needed to continue and find out what they’ve done and she assured me that “ they would make it right . “ I suggested that they call the dealership to see if they knew what the next move was and the mechanic called but claimed he wasn’t able to speak with anyone… I urged Brandy to call, which she did, and she told me that the dealership said it’s probably a faulty water pump and she should get a new one from the dealer and put it on, and that it would fix it … I told her I doubted that was the case, but she insisted that they told her it’s common and happens all of the time. I then left to go home at about 5:30 or so to wait for her call, she got a new water pump and had the mechanic install it. She called me later in the evening and told me that it didn’t make any difference and that she was going to have the dealer take a look at it. She ask me for authorization to have the dealer “ tear down “ the engine and I refused … I told Brandy that it was NTB’s responsibility and I would not make that call. She agreed to take it to the dealer that evening and would call me with results the next day …

    Thursday morning early ( Jan 6th ), about 6:00 AM, Brandy called and left a voice mail for me to call her. I called a little later in the morning and she said they hadn’t torn the engine down, but they thought it was a Timing Chain making the noise, again … I questioned that and asked how they knew that and she said that’s just what they had told her. I then requested that she have “ her “ manager contact me about the vehicle’s status.

    Dave Johnson called me and I explained what had happened ( just as written above ) and he agreed that what I had told him was pretty much on track with what Brandy had told him, except … “ I “ had provided more details. He said he would look into what was wrong … I thanked him and reminded him that I was soon to be on my 4th day without my vehicle, he told me he understood and would see what he could do. I then called Brandy to let her know that I’d spoken with Dave and I asked her how my Jeep was delivered to the dealer … her reply was “ the mechanic drove it “ … this is the SAME mechanic, that just the day before told me that “ he was afraid to drive it any further “ … yet, HE drove it down the road to the dealership ( it's 1 1/2 miles away ). I called Dave back and told him that I had lost all faith in his mechanic’s integrity and ability to make a qualified decision about the vehicle, and that I was very worried about what he may have done to the vehicle … I have NO IDEA what the mechanic did and what damage he had caused to the engine.

    Dave agreed to have the dealership “ tear down “ the engine to see what the damage was and told me he’d call me back when he knew.

    Friday ( Jan 7th ), I spoke to Dave and he had not yet heard from the dealership … he agreed to call me Saturday.

    Saturday ( Jan 8th ), Dave called me and informed me that the dealership found that the #2 cylinder was broken and the spark plug was “ smashed “ … he then informed me that he would have to contact his insurance company and let them handle it from here. I didn’t speak to Dave on Sunday …

    Monday morning ( Jan 10th ), I called and left a voice mail for Dave @ about 8:30 to telling him I had to rent another car and I was concerned about the status of my vehicle, since I was now going on my 7th day with no satisfactory results in the matter. Dave called back and left me a message that he had called, I called Brandy @ about 12:00 noon to see if she had an update and she told me that they were waiting on the insurance adjuster. This is where Kim Bernal with Gallager-Bassett Insurance Adjusters enters the picture… she contacted me and I explained to her what had happened, just as I had explained to Dave, and she told me that the insurance company would send an inspector to evaluate the damage and review the findings – then, they would decide who was liable … we spoke throughout the week and I explained my dissatisfaction about the time it was taking, and that I had rented another car… Kim and I started communicating via e mail and she informed me that it could possibly take a week or more to decide, I then called Dave Johnson and requested he intervene to try to speed up the process due to my car being in limbo. Kim had also requested the Jiffy Lube receipt and my rental car receipts when we first spoke, I provide them to her, and informed me that if NTB was found liable, they would pay for the rental car, but they would not pay for gasoline or extra insurance that I had purchased for the rental car. I then took the current rental car back and traded it for a vehicle with better gas mileage and dropped the extra insurance as per Kim’s e mail… all done in good faith pending the outcome of the inspector’s findings.

    ( the e mails between Kim, Dave and I were during the week of Jan 10th – Jan 14th … )

    Friday ( Jan 14th ), I had received a letter in the mail from the insurance company ( Kim ) stating that I needed to grant permission for the engine tear down ( Kim and I had already discussed this and I declined granting approval ) and I in turn left her a voice mail that I had received the letter, and that we had discussed the matter and that I would be traveling and may not have phone reception for the rest of the afternoon, or during the weekend, but she could leave a message if she needed to.

    Monday morning ( Jan 17th ), I logged onto my e mail and found Kim’s message about the inspectors / review board’s opinion was that " there was no problem with the installation of the water pump " . I called Kim and explained to her that the “ water pump installation “ was never the issue at all … it was the negligence of the mechanic letting my vehicle overheat while working on it in the NTB shop, and his poor decision making by driving the Jeep to the dealer after knowing the condition of the vehicle … “ that “ is the issue. That is what prompted this letter stating ALL of the facts that I am aware of … I have NO IDEA what all happened while my vehicle was at the NTB shop …

    In summary, something happened to my vehicle while the NTB mechanic was working on it, at the NTB shop and they will not accept responsibility, even though they admit that it happened while at their shop, authorized the engine tear down to see what had happened, and now ... my Jeep is sitting at the dealership - DEAD with the cylinder head sitting in the back hatch. It hurts to take your vehicle in for a minor repair and then within a day - POOF ! your car is destroyed !

    I've given the NTB 4 chances to review the facts and overide the Gallagher - Basset decision and NTB will not claim fault.
    I have found at least ( 4 ) similar complaints involving the same type of scenario and Gallagher - Basset denying the claim, it's a very bad pattern and I am seeking legal advice to bring suit against NTB.

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  • Jk
    JKDE Jun 21, 2011
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    Verified customer

    What a horror story with NTB. It's June now. Have to taken them to court yet?

    When I let them do any work on my car, I always stay in the service bay to make sure it's done right.

    Sometimes the un-trained service person will guess about how to do something without knowing or even looking in the manual to see the correct procedure.

    Once, a manager broke the PVC hose right in front of the tech, myself and son. He immediately said it was like that before he touched it. With all three of us saying "you just broke it", he then said they would replace it free of charge.

    Had we not been there, he would have lied to us about the damage. The tech said the manager is always causing problems and doesn't know anything about repairing cars. Some people make it difficult for those that really do a good job. Some people should not be allowed to touch cars.

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car almost flipped after wheel locked

I want to warn anyone about going to NTB for service of any kind. I went to the NTB in Palatine, IL 9/4/07 because I needed an oilchange and had a coupon. I was informed that my car needed alot of work inclusing all new brakes even though I had been told just a few weeks before then that my car's brakes was fine. I asked that if they were doing that and taking the wheel off if they could investigate the whirring sound that my front driver's wheel made. They said that they would take car of it. If I would have known what would have happened I would have just gotten my oil changed there and had nothing else done. The frist time they said it was fixed I was on my way home (I lived 1 1/2 hours away from the NTB) and the car started violently shaking. It was 10:30pm at night and I had to drive it home that day. The next day they asked me to drive it back tothe store. I was scared to death the whole way because it felt like the wheel was going to fall off. When I got it there they looked at it many hours later and told me that the spindle had been bent when the bearings were put in. They gave me a rental car and kept my car for over a week. They then called and told me that my car was done for the second time. I was assured that my car had been driven and tested and it was fine. I drove it home and it was okay although the tires smelled hot. I had been told that would happen with new brakes, so I did not think anything of it. The next time I drove the car I was 5 miles away from home going 55-60 MPH and the front driver's side wheel locked. My car fish tailed and almost flipped. I really thing God was looking out for me that my car did not flip. I called NTB and they had my car towed to the nearest NTB (which was in Crystal Lake, IL). I found out fromthe guy at the NTB in Crystal Lake, IL that there had been no spacers put in the spindle with the bearings and they melted to the spindle and had to be welded off. Finally, the NTB in Crystal Lake, IL fixed the car in 3 days. But they refuse thus far to give me my money back and I am seriously considering filing a lawsuit because I am afraid that next time someone is going to be killed. Do not take your car to NTB for anything. They have unsafe and sloppy practices.

oil change turn to a disaster

I changed my engine oil at ntb (location 2021 katy freeway, houston, tx) on july 1st 2007. my car is a brand...

my automobil

I received a coupon for an oil change at ntb. Since I needed one I went to ntb.
After waiting some time an employee asked me who changed the oil last?
I told him the name of the company and he said well they broke it and we are
Trying to retrieve it. I told him that they did not break it because I had just
Checked it a short time ago. I asked him what a new one would cost? He then
Asked the man at the service desk and he said $30.00 plus labor! I asked him what labor?
He replied ok $30.00 then! Another hour went by and then they told me they had finally
Gotten the old dip stick out. Then he said you need a tie rod and an aligment. The price will be
$213.00. I said ok. He said we can get your tie rod today but we will have to order a dip stick.
Another two hours went by then they gave me a bill for $252.90. I said ntb should pay for
The dip stick since you broke it. He said we didn't break it on purpose! He said we will split the difference with you! I told him I would buy my own. I bought one for$7.70! Plus the old one
Was still in! I then paid $20.00 to have someone take it out! What a scam ntb is!!!

fraud and cheating!

I received an oil change at NTB location (766) in Sachse Texas in May of 07. In June, my car broke down. After taking it to the Honda Dealer, they found a towel installed inside my evap drain, which cause water to spill onto my ECM, requiring it to be replaced which cost $827.97. The tech obviously shoved a towel up in the drain to keep the water from dripping on him while he changed my oil. I do have the towel that was used. I am sure it is an honest mistake, but it was also a very costly one that I am having to pay. After many attempts, they have yet to contact me.

high shop fee

On saturday, may 19.2007, I took my 2000 eldorado cadillac to ntb (National tire and battery) on highway 138...