Norwegian Dawn Cruise Liners / no parking, no help with luggage, items stolen, (medicine, boots, clothing items), shuttle issues,

We arrived at terminal at 1145, security kept waving us on, finally made it to parking garage, paid $140.00 only to be told they didn't have any more spots. Wait & they would see if they had any overflow available. When asked about help unloading our luggage & getting us to cruise ship from overflow attendants said they would see if shuttle was available. (It was me, I'm 49, my 30 yr old daughter, her 13 month old daughter, & my 69 year old mother traveling together). We had to unload our luggage onto a sidewalk so my daughter could go park the vehicle because only the driver was allowed in the overflow lot. Shuttle finally arrived, we had to load our luggage onto shuttle. was shuttled to docks, to unload our own luggage. Then taken to terminal.
( 2 hours later) then the customs process. About 3 hours later we are on ship, hot, tired worn out, to be told no food or drink was available due to a 3 pm safety meeting, (reminder we have a 13 month old), after the 45 min safety meeting, & the 30 minute wait for elevator we finally got something to drink for the baby. Luggage finally made it to the cabin at 7:50 pm. My moms case is open & items just crammed in & hanging out. My case is zipped but I am missing an outfit (skirt & blouse), a pair of boots & my newly filled bottle of prescription medication, Neurontin & Meloxicam (for nerve disease & inflammation). Was informed that no one would open our cases, no one would ever take anything out of said cases, & no they would not take the complaint because it never happened, (the customer service personal that I spoke with was named Paul) very rude. NCL seems to be all about the money, not customers. We left out of the port of New Orleans on 11/27 & arrived back into the port of New Orleans 12/4/2016. Had to claim our baggage & walk the entire way to overflow parking, no shuttles available, were told we should have parked closer. (reminder 49 yr old, 69 yr old, 30 yr old & a 13 month old baby) ( 5 large cases, 4 small cases)

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