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Norton takes advantage of elderly.
My parents subscribed to Norton for about $100/year.
I found out in july, while visiting, that my parents that norton was NOT updated on their computer as they were paying for, since 2015!
I contacted Norton and all customer service agents could barely speak English! None understood what I was talking about, and only offered the automated, you have 90 days to get a refund…
But it was not about that!
I have tried to contact them over 10 times, and it is all the same! No one speaks English as first language! No one understands that my parents WANTED the subscription, but my parents thought it was being updated on their computer, because ALL correspondences from Norton, and even the bill they paid said they didn't have to do a thing… that they were covered… it was all automatic on their computer…
But it was not!
I got a customer service tech to prove it for me too.
Then they were supposed to credit my parents account.
But they never did so I called back!
This has been going on for months!
Norton sucks!
Do not buy Norton!

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Dec 21, 2018

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