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Nokia India / phone replacement problem

1 India Review updated:

I have given my mobile nokia cdma -6265 for swap problem to nokia care center mumbai - m/s bright point on 17th may. Job no.: mum142881 my mobile number --[protected]. Till today 30th may 2017 there is no proper reply they are just delaying as parts is not available we can not say when we will able to give you back. As job sheet say that.

Estimated due - 25th may. How we can work without our mobile... They have given me loanable phone 2112 that i cannot use in my business meeting with overseas customer. I have called them at least 20 -25 times all executive are in meeting. And when we press them they give us call center number [protected] i spoke these people and they assured me within 48 hrs you will get reply.

They replied me when i called that you may get your mobile by 12th june as swap part is not available. 1 month for replacement??? These is service of nokia -- and these problem is with all people using these cdma 6265 mobile.

They are aware of these problem than to they don't keep spare parts. In these case what service we expect from these multinational company where there is no boss??


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  • Dr
      9th of Jun, 2007

    I too am having the same problem... contacted local nokia care at jabalpur. But they say parts not available will have to send the unit to headquarter... and i know they will return the unit after one or two months... god can only save nokia if they continue doing so... amen.

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  • Ge
      1st of Aug, 2007

    Ya u all are absolutely right. These are the problems i am currently facing. After getting mobile swapped, i face problems again within 3 days of the delivery. I want to register a case if no solution is provided. U can see many cases with nokia software in all range mobiles. This has to be taken very seriously...

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  • Ga
      3rd of Sep, 2007

    I am too feeddup from nokia care centre & customer care i am in ludhiana & i give my n-91 to nokia care centre namely(solectron centerm elt ltd ph-0161-3256582/83) i give my set on 27-06-2017 after three days they tell me that yur mobile will be given after 15 days because of swaping i say ok to them
    after 1month7days meanson( 03-08-2017) i go there they give my mobile to me but it was not in progress it was having same complain after (1month7days) after that they give me the 1week time to me i have also a complain no of nokia care centre .

    MOBILE -09815330478

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  • Sh
      8th of Sep, 2007

    I have purchased N70 on 17-05-2017.

    On the very next day i.e., 18-05-2017, I found, it was not working properly like Its battery was totally dead. Even its bluetooth was not working. For that I submitted it to Nokia Care Centre, to which they told that they cant replace it but solve the problem and then I could collect it. It took 25 DAYS.

    Again after 25 days, its joystick stopped responding. Again, I was compelled to submit it to Nokia Care Centre, which took 27 DAYS, a loooong time.

    In the next week, it turned dead as charging was not operational.

    Since then, it has completed 3.5 MONTHS, it not solving the very purpose.

    I have purchased it for HOME PURPOSE and in duration of 3.5 MONTHS, it has completed only 30 DAYS with me in my house and that too without proper operational status. I have also complained and requested for replacement for the same but the Care Centre people are not properly replying and saying that they can't do so.

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  • An
      14th of Sep, 2007
    Nokia India - defective product & deficient service

    I have purchased Nokia N73 M in August. Within 14 days of purchase the display of the phone has gone off. Intermittently sometimes when I dial in to somebody the person cannot hear my voice & this problem continues till the phone is switched off & one again.

    I have given my phone for repairs on 10th Sep 07 & today being 14th Sep i have not heard anything form the service center. The service center numbers given are perennially engaged & after 30 -40 attempts cant get thro. Also Nokia call center is very ineffective in helping this resolve.

    I guess the consumer is paying the price for making this brand numero uno & i really wish I had evaluated some other brand rather than putting blind faith in Nokia

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  • Na
      14th of Sep, 2007

    my name is nasim ,i have nokya mobile my battery number is : BL-5C but i am warried .i want to replace my battery .i can not take any risk.i request to you please give me soultion.

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  • Sh
      21st of Sep, 2007

    Dear all concerns,

    I have purchased nokia 5200 mobile dtd. 26/04/2017 this phone is after few days technical(sound)problem no repairing i hand over the handset purchasing shop, but after 35 days shop employ commitment the our phone no repairing your phone is replaced and issue new mobile but my complain no serious action shop worker return second hand set not my original set.

    My Phone Detail:-

    purchsing date :-26/04/2017
    EMI no :-354848016022737
    TIN No :-07660236692
    Amount cash purchased :-6800 Rs.
    Shop Store Name :-Global Communications
    Add :- R-546 New Rajinder Nagar New Delhi-110060

    Thanks & Regards

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  • Ab
      14th of Oct, 2007

    I think no body purchase Nokia hand set. Substandard sets manufactured in China dumped in the Indian market. Recently I purchased a new Nokia N73, within 2wks it stopped working and now they say many excuse fir replacement.

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  • Su
      30th of Oct, 2007

    I brought N70 on 15th Sep 2017 thinking Nokia is the BEST among all the other companies, but I was wrong and now I believe your handsets are not only Dabba, But Nokia Service is also Hopeless.

    On 23rd of Sep 2017 I had a problem with my Memory card, for which I had to visit Nokia Service Center at Skylink (Chinchwad). I was told I will get the replacement of Memory card within next 2 weeks and still I haven’t got my New Memory card back. I am in follow up with your center People and today was 23rd of Oct. 2017. One month has passed and still I haven’t got my Memory card back.

    I had called up today morning (23.10.2017: 12:30) and the same answer I got was will check the details and I will get the Memory card next week.

    What the Hell is this. Man if Nokia Calls it as Professional and Best Where are the customer happy.

    If no Serious Action is taken from any one I want my complete Money back, and i would prefer taking Sony.

    I guess Since Nokia has a name it doesnt bothers what are customers problem.

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  • Su
      6th of Dec, 2007
    Nokia India - pathetic after sales service
    Nokia India

    I had purchased a Nokia N-73 Music edition paying Rs. 20,000. Within two months of use the incoming and outgoing audio started giving problem and I had to use the headset to make and recieve the calls. I gave the Handset to Nokia care st District Centre Janak Puri New Delhi and after 7 days of daily visit to them I was told that the set can't be repaired as It has got some liquid damage, I asked them to show me that damage which they point blank refused and instead asked me to leave the premises with my handset. I took my handset and went to HCL Infinet in Patel Nagar New Delhi. There they said that they cant accept the set because the mic from the set is missing. It was a shocking news to me that the Nokia care center in Janak Puri has not only spoiled my set they have also "Stolen" the mic from the handset. I called up the Nokia care center and you will be surprised what they told me. "India being a humid country its possible that moisture might creep into the phone without the knowledge of the customer." So why did Nokia launch a product in India which was not suitable for Indian condition. Isn't it a fraud with the trust of unsuspecting customer from a company like Nokia?

    Today I am stranded with a most expensive phone. So friends before you buy a Nokia product just think twice?

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  • Ra
      7th of Dec, 2007

    We should make an association of aggrieved Nokia Customers.

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  • Vi
      23rd of Dec, 2007

    M y nokia 5300 memory card contains badsector when i bought mobile from nokia priorty in HAMIRPUR but now they r not changing my memory card from past 1 month my mobile is still in gurienty period.

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  • Ro
      19th of Jan, 2008

    The Concerned Person

    I bought Nokia N 81(8GB) IMEI Number 356995010033380 from Sec 17 ‘Nokia Telecon’ ( S.C.O. 145-146) Chandigarh on 3rd Nov’08 then in Dec I started facing problem in its slide so on 27th Dec ’08 I gave my cell for repair to them and that time they told me that it will take 3-4 days in its repair. After that I have been continuously following up with them but nobody from that showroom is giving me any kind of response. Every time they give me different numbers to contact regarding my cell and nobody knows where my cell is. Earlier they told me that it has gone to Sec 44 Nokia care after following up with them I came to know that it has gone to Sec-22 then after visiting their outlet I came to know that it has gone to Mumbai and when I again contacted Sec17 dealers then they said that may be it has gone to Sec 44 and still they don’t know what’s the condition of my cell and when I am going to receive it.

    Is it my duty to contact different people or its the dealers who should be coordinating with them???
    I was so fed up with all this and fail to understand the lack of seriousness on the part of dealers.

    They are giving so much trouble to the customers and it will lead to bad name to your brand. I think once the product is sold then their responsibility ends there. I bought the cell on the launch day itself of Rs.23000/- and when you make such an investment then you want good service also.

    I already logged a complaint in Nokia Customer Care ( Complaint No.2-2QY4WD) and they told me to confirm from the dealers on 22nd Jan’08 regarding cell but dealers were not giving me any kind of cooperation.

    Today evening (19 Jan) after my long argument with the dealers they told me collect the cell on 23rd Jan’08.

    I really don’t trust them now and I am still not sure that whether they will give on the said date or not.

    I am very very disappointed from your service. If I don’t get my cell by 23rd Jan’08 then I’ll be compelled to go to Consumer Court because I can not take this trouble any more. I hope that you will look into the matter.
    Thank You.
    Roma Narula

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  • Ma
      27th of May, 2008

    Dear Sir/Madam
    I had taken one mobile Nokia2626 on 20th April 2017.The number got activated on 23rd Apr 2017. After one week of limited use, the mobile went under breakdown. I gave the mobile to the local service center located at Kamani Center Jamshedpur where your service support staff told me that its a liquid damage(externally no signs), which in no way mishandled by me.At the time of delivery again the same service staff told me that the chip is out of order: roughly Rs 800 will be charged and again no surity that mobile will be rectified.
    I have some complaint about your service and warranty policies:
    1st> no water/liquid damage was done from my end.
    2nd> if my mobile is not repaaired they charged me Rs 75 for seeing the problem.
    3rd> If customer queries are unanswered at the service center(where two non technical ladies were sitting), whom should I contact.
    4th> Your customer care line is inoperational and customer care manager's mobile switched off.
    5th> If your mobile gets out of order within 7 days and no warranty is given by company(liquid damage is subjective as sweating near ears can also damage the phone), then where is the reliability.

    I expect to take care of your customers>At least in my presence 7-8 customers all were charged of liquid damage and no warrant taken care of by the company.
    Your warranty is just for making fool.
    And if no further action is taken for my case: be assured that I will start a campaign against your product.
    Waiting for your reply
    Manish Jha

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  • Ab
      19th of Jun, 2008

    I am abhishek sonawane and this is in concern with the complain that i have put up against my cell no: nokia 5300 i hav put my cell for repair in nokia care pune at shree communication my job sheet id was 368434038/080617/51 and insted of repairing my cell which was under warranty period they made it more problamatic and now its not even working properly and i want to say that nokia are worst in terms of custemer satisfation they are in fooling bussiness and the way there executives talk is realy apriciabel and is a great matter of concern for company as big as nokia in lacking far behind in terms of customer satisfaction.

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  • De
      23rd of Jul, 2008

    my self d.s yadav





    yes i m very much agree to all of your problem b coz we also facing same thing sinc 20 day they dont bother abt time or money ..

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  • Sr
      30th of Jul, 2008

    My Nokia handset N70 was not working due to the mike failure. When reported to the Nokias care center, I was told it was due to water damage, but I can bet It is not due to the water damage.
    My mobile still lies in warranty and they rise this issue after 7 days of request.

    I beleive we should stop buying nokia mobiles.

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  • Pr
      10th of Sep, 2008
    Nokia India - cheating
    Nokia India

    I had a problem with anokia 3230 set which is under warranty, the set was submitted to nokia care on 14th august, after several visits and followups they have promised to replace my set with a new one as they are unable to repair the set, today (10/09/2017) they have given me a set which I found as a damm old one after checking carefully. Some of the switches are not working properly, the vibrator motor is also not working.

    This is a clear case of mal-business practice and cheating I request nokia to give me my original set back

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  • Ne
      15th of Sep, 2008

    Well, I am going through exactly the same issue with my 3months old N95. The only difference being that I am not accepting their offer of an old swap phone.
    Lets see what happens? I smell somekind of a racket here.
    They have asked for a week and if i am not given my original phone or Nokia still insists to swap my phone with a used phone, I think I would take the fight to the the courts, consumer forums and to the people at large. I would need everybody's support then.

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  • Ja
      21st of Sep, 2008

    respected, sir

    i am jayesh form gujrat junagadh i have mobile shop here i sell nokia mobile here i have some issue (cheating with me) can any help me. here is my contact [protected] and my cell no.+919879327289.

    thanx in advance.

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