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On 4/19/12, nokia company mobile draws <[protected]@w. cn> wrote:
> 2nd floor berkley square house,
> berkley square london
> w1j 6bd london,
> united kingdom.
> name: rajesh paswanwining number: 00919830090825payment number:
> nk249ncountry: india
> date, 19th april 2012 we wish to congratulate you once again on this
> note, for being part of the 5 winners selected for the annual mobile
> promotions. nokia mobile promo felicitate with you and your family. this
> promotion was set-up to encourage the active users of the mobile phones. my
> names are dr. terry adams I am the nokia cash officer assigned to winners on
> the mobile line with the festive event marking our 2012
> anniversary mobile promotion, we rolled out over & pound;16, 000.000.00 (sixteen
> million great british pounds) for our 2012 anniversary mobile promotion. all
> participants were selected through a computer ballot system drawn from
> 25, 000. company mobile numbers, and 30, 000, 000 individual mobile numbers
> from the 45 mobile networks from australia, new zealand, north america,
> south america, europe, asia and africa as part of international promotions
> program, which is conducted annually in britain, london.
> your winning prize has been verified and approved for payment by this
> international mobile council. your profile (form) has also been received and
> filed along with other winning document for recording purpose. delivery will
> be made to you by a high level representative to your door step. your
> package code number is (nk249n) you are to keep your code number very
> confidential from third party and keep us fully informed as soon as our
> representative, contact you on his arrival point in your country india. the
> assigned senior representative will be arrive your country with your demand
> draft valued at 415, 000.00 pound, you are to provide him a copy of your
> identity proof {id card/voters card or driving license}or any of your valid
> id proof to enable him identify you before he will deliver your winning
> prize to you. below are our representative's flight
> schedule:=========================================departure date:
> thursdayday / 19th/04/2012time: 10:15: p. m (uk time) arrival date:
> friday/20th/04/2012time: 9:30 :a. m (india time) your winning package contains
> all of the following items: 1). your winning prize & pound;415, 000.00 pounds.2).
> winning certificate.3). affidavit of claims eligibility.4). insurance
> certificate issued from insurance authority.5). fund release order from
> financial service authority (uk) note: you are required to send us a scan

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> copy of your id today as it is very important having considered all possible
> measures to convey your cash prize that you have won from the on-going nokia
> mobile draws, we resolve to use a special delivery agent under a diplomatic
> umbrella which is the easiest and safest way to deliver the prize to your
> door step without any interruption. we have made all necessary arrangement
> to convey your winning prize direct to your doorstep. your name, phone
> number and address has been well noted down for safe and smooth delivery.
> furthermore, we have contacted the british high commission in new delhi,
> india regarding your winning amount and they made us to understand that this
> is a huge amount in india currency that they want to make sure, they comply
> with the cbi instructions regarding all financial matter stating that this
> fund of 415, 000.00 pounds is free from laundry, that this money will not be
> use for terrorism and bomb blast in the country as a security measures
> requested by india to alert all friendly nations. we have been instructed
> that the diplomatic agent will proceed to the british high commission new
> delhi, india. to register your winning fund as a crime free fund and the
> authentication letter will be issued to you from the british high commission
> new delhi, india testifying that the fund is from the office of
> international nokia council and it is a crime free funds, the approval
> letter will be issued from the british high commission new delhi, india to
> enable the diplomatic agent proceed to your home address as provided by you
> to personally hand over your winning prize of 415, 000.00 pounds to you. here
> are the contents of your winning package, insurance certificate issued from
> insurance authority uk, your winning certificate and your affidavit of claim
> which he will tender to you in your house to sign that you have received
> your winning fund from him before he will start proceeding to other official
> assignment as stated earlier. the british consulate new delhi said that
> without registering the fund in their custody they can not allow our agent
> to deliver your winning prize to you in your home address, and they have
> assured us that as soon as the agent arrive at the indra gandhi
> international airport that he should proceed to their office immediately
> for registering of your winning fund with them so that they will issue the
> crime free stamp approval to our official delivery agent. he will be
> proceeding down to your city for the delivery to handover your winning prize
> as soon as this is done at the uk embassy in new delhi india. therefore, you
> will be required to give him every maximum support at the point of arrival
> to your country india, to enable him complete his assignment and the
> registration of your prize as requested by the british consulate in india
> before proceeding to reserve bank of india. nb: the delivery of your prize
> is currently passing through the british security screening. we realize
> recently that such procedures have been adopted on your package leaving uk
> for india. due to the urgency needed in this delivery we are informing you
> that special chief delivery diplomat will be leaving for india to deliver
> your winning prize through british airways.
> —
> please ensure that you co-operate with the delivery agent and follow his
> instructions and directives to avoid any delay in handing over your prize to
> you as he has little time to spend in your country due to urgency of this
> matter. please make available your identity proof immediately he call you
> and provide it to him to his email address to enable you send him the scan
> copy of your id proof and send to him through email attachment for proper
> identification. the delivery agent will call you immediately at his point of
> arrival india. i attached herewith a scanned copy of our representative a
> british passport for your perusal, kindly review and act accordingly to
> avoid unnecessary delay or complication. be aware that instruction was given
> to the representative to accompany you to your bank where you will submit
> the demand draft for immediate payment before returning back to united
> kingdom, after you must have taken some picture with the representative at
> your home as the 2012 nokia mobile promotional winner. make sure you treat
> this matter as urgent and ensure you receive the representative in good
> faith. for security reasons, you are advised to keep your winning
> information confidential till your claims is processed and your money
> remitted to you in whatever manner you deem fit to claim your prize. this is
> part of our precautionary measure to avoid double claiming and unwarranted
> abuse of this program. please be warned. upon your agreement to this mail
> above, please send us email with a scan copy of your id for final
> verification as to know if our diplomat will be accepted to india or not. we
> await your urgent reply to this mail. congratulations once again from all

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> members of international nokia council. yours faithfully, dr. terry adamstel
> : +448719742795nokia lottery affiliated office u. k.

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