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Nokia / nokia uk online promotion

1 South Africa Review updated:

I've received a text message stating that I have won a prize of 91000 GBP in an ongoing Nokia promotion. There is a telephone no as well as an e-mail address. The e-mail address is and the tel no is +[protected].

Please verify if this is a scam or hoax.

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  • Pa
      31st of Aug, 2006
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    Nokia - Nokia Handset 1600 (colored) swapped not repaired within the warranty period.

    I purchased the above written Nokia handset from Hindustan Enterprises, Jalandhar (Punjab) with cash memo Number 263 dated 7th January 2006. Within one month of purchase, I realised very high or some times automatically very low volume of speaker disturbed the talk frequently. So I gave the handset for repair to Nokia Care Shop No.4, Green Mart Complex, Model Town Road, Jalandhar (Punjab). The Nokia Care centre was unable to repair my handset and instead of telling me the truth, they kept the handset with themselves for more than a month period. Every time I went to the centre to collect my handset they gave me a new date to get the handset. I was literary harased there for more than one month of time. When I requested to the higher officials there repeatedly they returned me the handset on 9th of march 2006 at last.

    I was not satisfied with the working of that handset and I again went to the Nokia Care Head regarding the problem but they denied both to swap the handset or to replace with the new one. After 4 months, when things were out of the reach, I again went to the Nokia care care, Model Town Road, Jalandhar and asked them forcefully to swap the handset as warranty period was there. I gave my Nokia M.1600 for repair to them with job sheet number. 8282 dated 19 of August 2006. After 5 days, the centre and the untrained staff there declared that the handset is not repairable now and is dead. I went to the Head of Nokia Care, Model Town, Jalandhar that the handset is having its warranty period and showed him the required warranty period documents too, and without paying any attention to me, with a rude behavior, he returned me the handset and did not even agree and listen to what I was saying. I am in this problem since 5 months and suffering the same mental torture from your local customer care centres. Still that Head of Nokia from that centre is not ready to see my face.

  • Yo
      14th of Oct, 2006
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    Nokia - Faltered Bluetooth not getting replaced

    Bluetooth HS-36W purchased on 17th Apr'06 broke down on 2nd July'06. Job sheet No. 026434038/060719/169 Dated 19th July'06 was generated by Sheetla WII Service Gurgaon , They gave me back my Bluetooth on 17th Sept'06, but the problem still persisted ( i.e. no incoming audio). 2nd Job sheet No. 026434038/060922/77 Dated 22nd Sept'06 was generated by Sheetla WII Service Gurgaon. Gave numerous calls to Nokia Care line / Sheetla WII Service, Gurgaon but no satisfactory answer received. I think once you buy a product, buy it with a prenotion that there is no gurantee or warranty ( Use & Throw).

  • Wi
      7th of Dec, 2006
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    I would like to say more. In June 2006 I bought Nokia 6020. That was not too sophisticated phone, but as for me would be good. Era GSM Poland made the contract with me for another 2 years!!! Making that contract they were fully aware they have cheated me. However, I have them all in my ### for such a f... service. I have my phone which I needed. But, looking at their Ads I would only like to say the following:

    Hey! NOKIA R e p r e s e n t a t i v e s!!! Where can I find a simple, easy program to connect my NEW phone with my PC(Win Millennium)? Are you following the MSyfiliosoft by restricting their own product like WinMe?
    Eah, I do not like to talk to you more.

  • So
      3rd of Mar, 2007
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    Nokia - Nokia is the worst!

    Another one of the Nokia Product N series N70 is faulty. I had purchased a NOKIA mobile phone N70-1 edition on 15th January 2007. Within a 5-6 days of purchase the phone started giving problems even if there was no damage to the phone.


    a) Consumption of battery even when the phone is in the power off mode.

    b) After switching the phone to power off mode to again switch it to power on mode, i have to remove and replace the battery. Even if the battery is replaced and when the power key is pressed, sometimes only half of the screen gets illuminated (i.e The screen shows only quarter to half display without the phone getting switched on.) Then again i have to replace the battery and then it switches on.

    c) For the same reason i have to charge the phone for at least twice a day even though i don't use the phone more often.

    d) Overheating of Battery as reported by the dealer while surrendering the phone to Nokia Priority and Care Center.

    I reported the problems to the dealer within 5-10 days and finally surrendered the phone as per their orders on 10th February 2007. I received a swap (a refurbished handset) which i refuse to accept. The reason being i had purchased a new mobile phone costing me 14570 INR from my hard earned money. Its been more than 20 days but nobody cares to listen to my queries neither help me. After pleading so many times they sent a refurbished handset to the dealer. I have to everyday plead them. Then i got very angry on Nokia and finally shouted at all the customer service executives. I have been given two complaint numbers;2-1V5LRV and 2-1V8Y1L, the later being the latest. I never expected this from Nokia. My brother had purchased Nokia 3310 when it had launched. Since then we are using Nokia Products. We never thought for another company product. But today my perception about NOKIA has completely changed and this Nokia product would be my last and final one. From today i would neither purchase my self nor would i recommend NOKIA to any human on this earth after receiving such a bad after sales service and experience.

    Now as on 3rd March 2007 Mr. Rajorshi, the ROE Mumbai, tells me that he needs at least 7 days to arrange for a new N70-1 that too from the service kit and not from the sales kit. The reason being that there's no stock... I also offered him that i am ready to pay the difference if he can give me the N70 Music Edition as N70 stock is not available... and N70 ME is widely available...

    I had a very good perception about Nokia - Mobile manufacturing company, but today my perception about NOKIA has completely changed. I do not recommend NOKIA to any human on this earth after receiving such a bad after sales service and a horrible experience.

    Everybody please think more than ten times before you plan to buy NOKIA. It has really degraded in its product quality and Standards, and after sales service...

    I am a sincere and a genuine person facing this difficulty and a company like NOKIA is not ready to help... Please at least you can help me... I am ready to give you all the details with the complaint numbers that they have issued to me. I can also give you the names of many of customer service representatives of Nokia along with the Delivery Challan, the Tax Invoice, and the Job Sheet of the Mobile Phone... Please Please Please Help...

    NOKIA has really gone bad... No Doubt about it!

  • Pb
      11th of May, 2007
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    Nokia - Very poor customer care

    Nokia had minted money. They keep introducing new models so that they can keep on cheating people.I have an old model 6385. I had some minor problems.I was asked to go to the service centre. There I had to wait for a long time. Finally two ladies smiled beautifully to tell me that the my model is outdated and the spare part is not available. The way they told that the model is an old model can make you shrink to the size of anant. I had bought this model just in 2003 for Rs.7500 and I would like to use it for a long time. They should bring instruments in which new services can be added. Nokia will not do it because their profit will not improve.

  • Ar
      16th of May, 2007
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    Nokia - Avoid buying Nokia

    We have received many complaints against NOKIA. They sell defective handsets under guise of new box packed handsets. Soon after the sale when the defect is discovered, the consumer is never given replacement, but he has to make rounds of service center to get the NEW DEFECTIVE set repaired. Many times even the service centers fail to repair the defects.

    If you want peace of mind... Do not buy NOKIA. NOKIA never responds to our notices and correspondences, showing their attitude.

  • Jo
      24th of May, 2007
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    I bought my daughter the nokia6111 4 Christmas 2006 and it has been bk to phones 4 u were i purchased it 4 times it was last went in on 4 may 2007 and i am still waiting for my replacement which they said would be 5 working days i will not be buying another nokia phone in the future.

  • Pa
      28th of May, 2007
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    Nokia - Nokia is too big to care about customers

    After using Nokia handsets for the last 14 years I recently upgraded my 6310 to the new N70 after an unfortunate incident with my old handset and the washing machine. I purchased the new handset under a 2 year plan and I am currently paying off 2 handsets.

    4-5 Months into the new contract my N70 stops charging. I decide that there must be a problem with the charger and purchase a new one. Luckily before leaving the shop, I ask the attendant to check to see if it works on the phone. It didn’t work and the attendant proceeds to try numerous charges, none that work.

    I rang the shop where I purchased the handset, and they advise me the phone is under warranty. They advise to either return to them or direct to Nokia. I made the journey to the Melbourne central business district filled in the forms, and the phone was returned for repair to Nokia.

    2 weeks later I receive a call from the phone shop, saying my phone has been returned from repair. I take more time off work to gratefully receive my phone. When I present the docket, guy comes back and advised me that due to water ingress Nokia refuse to repair the handset. Not satisfied, as after the last phone I have been careful not to get the unit wet.

    I discuss the situation with the shop attendant. I am thinking that there has been a miscommunication somewhere as the phone is working fine, just not charging. He tries a couple of charger units and then I notice he uses the same handset. I have 2 flat batteries, he kindly tries his own battery in the phone and no problem phone works. To keep me on line he lets me keep his battery, and gives me the number of the Nokia care centre. (2 days wok lost to date)

    I ring the care centre, they assure me that a technician has looked at the unit, and in fact it has been damaged by water and the phone will not be repaired. If I like to return to the care centre they will open the phone in front of me to show me the water damage. (This of course would be 3 days lost) I argue that if the phone had been affected by water surely that the whole unit would not work, not just the charge.

    Well trained the operator assures me that not only had the phone been damaged by water, but it was only a matter of time that the rest of the wiring will decline and they will not even repair the unit even if I pay for the repair.

    Still not happy they supply me with another number of complaints, unfortunately sir you are a good customer but Nokia policy Blah Blah blah. At this stage I start using my wife’s Samsung phone. Difficult as I am used to the Nokia software but I get used too it.

    Couple months latter I have some time off. A friend comes round and I notice he has the same handset. ‘No complaints’ I ask to try his battery, and my phone springs to life, no problem. Still not happy with my previous attempts and with some time on my hands, I search a couple of forum problems to see if anyone else is having similar problems. OHHH look, numerous people around the world are having problems with both the chargers and the handsets. Many unhappy Nokia customers. So I call the care centre. Discuss the problem. No we are unaware of any inherent problems with the handset. So I ask to make an appointment to come to the city so they can open the phone and show me the water damage.

    Yes sir. First you have to come to the city with the handset and make an appointment. (Now this is a 2 hour journey both ways) then you can return a week later and we will open the handset and show you the problem. After much discussion with the operator on my value as a customer, the waste of time and money making the 2 trips, offer to pay for the repair, sorry we will not attempt to repair even at your cost. Finally an option. Post the handset to us and then in 5 weeks return to the city and view the water damage. All not acceptable.

    I offer to take it to another repairer and if he finds no water damage they could then cover the cost of the repair. No an unauthorized dealer will void any warranty/ responsibility if he opens the phone.

    So still not happy I make a complaint to the Nokia website. I attach over 10 complaints from web forums with people experiencing similar problems with the same hand sets. After all it tells me they care about their customers; let us know your problems.

    A few days later I received a reply from Nokia, see attachedDear Mr. Barrett,

    Thank you for emailing Nokia Careline.

    I thank you for your feedback and please be assured that there isn't any inherent issues with the Nokia 70.

    Please be assured that Nokia is continually looking at ways of improving to provide you with better products and services. I assure you that each of Nokia customers are valued and Nokia does not treat your concerns lightly.

    Your comments and feedback has been forwarded to the relevant department for future consideration.

    You may like to visit our website at for more information and support for your Nokia device. If you have further enquiries, please write to us again or contact Nokia Careline at 1300 366 733. We operate between the hours of 8am and 8pm EST, seven days a week.

    Please help us improve our service by completing the Nokia E-mail Satisfaction Survey at the following link:

    Kind regards,

    Pat Selvaraj
    Nokia Careline

    Do you know you can now update your phone software at your own convenience? Visit to check if your phone model is supported and download the "Nokia Software Updater".
    [THREAD ID:2-2TJO7F]

    ‘No inherent problems’ Still not happy I have filled in there customer Survey and asked them if they have assured the other 15 people of which I attached complaints that they also are imagining the problems with their handset’s.

    Anyway keep it up, I certainly intend to. Nokia have got away for too long relying on peoples dependence on keeping the same brand phone, as they are used to its operation. Well I assure you after switching to my wife’s Samsung phone there are much better products on the market. Ditch your Nokia and buy a phone from a reputable company that knows how to keep a loyal customer happy, water ingress or not. It is not worth the stress dealing with a company with so little regard for its loyal customers.

    I am currently collating similar complaints that I am finding online and sending them to Nokia, please post your comments and complaints. It is a great way to let these companies know that we are not alone, not without a choice, and not a pre written standard response, but in fact are customers
    Kind regards

    Samsung handset user.

  • La
      30th of May, 2007
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    Nokia - Very poor after sales service!

    Nokia 6280 handset just bought 4 months back is now down and not working . Its gets hanged during an outgoing call and incoming . Poor battery performance.

    Nokia priority dealers are the worst dealers I have ever encountered with. They don't even bother to update us on the progress of service. Most of the times rude and does not attend the calls . especially the one in Banjara Hills . Really had tough time with these guys.

    Nokia is one of the best , realizable products , but constantly loosing all their credibility.

    I really doubt the originality of the products been sold through Nokia Priority. They need to be validated.

  • Ni
      4th of Jun, 2007
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    Nokia - Poor quality of Nokia products

    I bought new N73 music edition mobile on 24th March. In 3 days I found that I was not able to call using the handsfree provided with it. As suggested I visited Nokia care center in Koramangla, Bangalore. They told that handsfree is defective and will be replaced with new one. Replacement will take 1 month. After one month I collected the handsfree but found that problem was still there. Then they checked the phone and told to visit Nokia care level 3 center in SV plaza. I went there and submitted the handset for 3 days. They did not provide any stand by handset so I had to buy new one. After 3 days they called me and told handset was ready. When I went to collect it and checked it was not working. Those are really stupid guys. Just update the software and calls customers that problem is fixed. Then again they told to wait for 2 more days. After two days they told that motherboard of phone is defective and will be replaced in 15 working days. Now when I call no one picks the phone itself. This is the quality and service of nokia.

    I advise to avoid high end nokia phones. low end phones may be good and at least you will not feel that big money is wasted. The reason I think of poor quality is because of competition they are not focusing on testing the products.

  • Ka
      6th of Jun, 2007
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    Nokia - Nokia customer service scam - be careful!

    When you have a brand new phone which is faulty. First the Nokia customer service lie to you that you can get a brand new replacement with fully sealed package and lure you to do the replacement which solve their legal obligation for faulty goods, then they give you a faulty products, which helping them to reduce the stock of faulty goods. At the end they refuse to do another replacement and be forced to repair at their repair centre. And you have to keep the faulty phone (may or may not be fixed).

    The full story begin with my new Nokia N95 Phone which bought 3 weeks ago. After I used for couple of days I found the slider get looser and wobbling a lot. For a phone with a high price tag I found that is not acceptable so I talk to the shop which I bought from. They told me I am covered by a 14 days replacement policy, but the phone have to be inspected by Nokia manufacturer before the replacement. ok. I accept the replacement and they took my phone and send off to Nokia for inspection. Up to this point normal people will think if they accept my phone as faulty I will get a brand new phone back.Right?

    However, I was alert by the inspection and return process, what if they just fix it and clam that is a replacement or return with a refurbish phone. I asked the shop they said they don't know anything about the process inside the nokia manufacturer.Then I called Nokia customer service to make sure and that is the nightmare begin. I called to the the customer service centre and told them my situation, they reply and say the replacement will be a brand new phone in the fully sealed package like you buy in the market( I confirm with her 3 time). I was very happy and glad I bought Nokia phone which come with excellent customer service. I told the shop to go ahead for replacement which still within the 14 days and waiting for my new phone to come.

    I waited for 4 days and my phone is returned. But it is not in a brand new sealed package, it wrapped in a clear plastic bag and bubble wrap inside a small white cardboard box. The front screen and the front camera is protected with a hand cut sticker. I can see 2 minor scratches on the front screen after I took the plastic off and finger print on the main camera, and there is a scratches above the'3' key too. The worst is there is 5 light spots on the lens. This phone is obviously a refurbish one and it is faulty too. I called the customer service again, what they say is totally different, they say the 14 days replacement policy will keep the cover of the phone and change the whole electronic parts inside with new parts with different IMEI (they clam is new!!!). OMG, is that a replacement or totally repair??? God know what may happen during the process.

    Anyway, I told them the problems with the replacement phone and they refused to do another replacement and ask me to fix it at their repair centre. What the !!!! If I need to fix it I will do that at the first place.

    I paid that much money and what I expect is a fully functional phone with no problems, is that too much to ask?? And now I have my phone which I used for less then 2 weeks replaced which is faulty and forced to repair it at the end.

    Does that look like a scam to you!? first they lie to you that you will get a brand new phone will full sealed package and lure you to do the replacement which solve their legal obligation for faulty goods, then they give you a faulty products which may or may not be a new or refurbish one, helping them to reduce the stock of faulty goods. At the end you will be force to repair it their repair centre. I feeling very disappointed with Nokia about the products, customer service and repair service now .

    I still waiting for a call from Nokia customer service manager which I request 4 days ago. Unfortunately small customer like me will properly being ignored.

    Wish someone who read this could be more alert to the refund and return policy when they decide to buy from Nokia, be careful to the scam behind it. Always ask more before you paid, if there is any problem refuse to accept the good and demand for another one at the spot. Thanks for reading.

  • Sa
      7th of Jun, 2007
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    Nokia - Late delivery MMC memory card

    1. I purchased a mobile of nokia company model no-N70-1 Music Black, IMEI no-351863013508532 on19/02/07 for Rs. 15400.00 from cellpoint, shop no-D/24, Madhusudan market, station road, Rourkela-769001 as per cash memo no 6127.

    2. The said mobile accessory Nokia 1GB reduced size multimedia card MU-13 started giving trouble after the purchase i.e. no memory card inserted etc.

    3. I informed you about this problem over telephone & visited nearest Nokia Care (PAYOJA SERVICES). Lastly I deposited rejected MMC Memory card for replacement by new one dated on 10/04/2007 & Job sheet no:-220343506/070410/3

    4. It is obvious that the MMC Memory card delivery as your head office has taken so long time and I was subjected to harassment & negative replies from you as and an inquiry was made.

    5. My investment has gone waste & besides this you have also subjected me to mental agony & harassment .

  • Ga
      11th of Jun, 2007
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    I have purchased NOKIA N91GSM on 23 November 2006 from Nokia Priority, Nigdi, Pune. Now, from since last two months I have display flickering problem in cell. Whenever I make a call, phone display flickers, means it is covered by lots of white lines. Again when I operate my camera for photo or video, same case, white horizontal lines runs over complete display continuously. I had given phone to nokia care center at swargate, Pune. I also had problem with voice coming from phone.

    The Problem was not at all completely solved. E-lines still comes in phone whenever I make a call or operates camera. Still sometimes, some small sound comes at background while talking. I had been to different nokia care centers regarding this problem, but still problem is there. I want it get corrected as soon as possible. Sometimes in camera, line moves up-down so fast that it cuts the picture in camera.

  • Sa
      22nd of Jun, 2007
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    Nokia - Behave with rustically

    I am having mobile 9314503532. Yesterday i.e. on 22.6.2007 I received call from 01413103300 at 4 p.m. One lady was informing about not depositing bill, whereas I have as yet not received my bill. When I informed about all such facts, she behaved boorishly, and was talking in manner as if I was intentionally not depositing bill.

    I am their pioneer customer and using service for last more than 4 years. Till date I have not crossed last date for depositing bill amount. All bill amounts have been deposited timely. But for the first time due to change of address, I could not receive bill. Not only this I have not received any message to this effect, else I could have clear the bill.

    There may be a several reasons, but their subordinates I have no business to misbehave with the customer. Not only this I have registered my complaint at no. 51439850, yet no action has been taken.

  • Mo
      23rd of Jun, 2007
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    Nokia - Irregularities of stores

    I am disappointed at the way Subhiksha's mobile stores are giving service to the customers. It is more of a harassment than of a delight. I went to their store in Noida to purchase a new mobile in exchange for an old Erricson J200i. I was quoted Rs.700/- whereas their delhi store was offering Rs.1100/-. When I went to purchase from delhi store the person present denied the previous rate and quoted Rs.900/- , but handset was unavailable.

    I again went back to Noida thinking that now since the difference is only Rs.200/- but to my surprise I was told that now the purchase rate is Rs.500 and I refused to do the deal.

    I went back to your delhi branch and even they reduced the exchange price by Rs.100/-. I think their employees are making huge money by this way which should be stopped

  • Si
      26th of Jun, 2007
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    Nokia - Nokia 2310 is not working within week of purchase!

    I have purchased Nokia 2310silver from Subhiksha Mobile Shop no F-4, Lakshmi Nagar, Delhi (India) Ph (011-64515846) vide invoice no 16565 dated 18/06/2007. Within one week of purchase of handset, the speakers (both) have konked off n not working. Also FM is not getting connected. The matter was taken up with the seller, who was very rude n abusive. Despite showing the invoice, the shop owner totally declined to replace the handset. Is this the kind of behaviour (abuses, rude talks, non cooperation) Nokia expect its customers to get from its retailers!!
    Matter has been taken up with Nokia for replacement/repairs and reply is awaited. However the experience with Nokia and its retailer subhiksha mobile was pretty bad and not recommended for any fellow customer.

    Delhi (india)

  • Ab
      26th of Jun, 2007
    0 Votes

    I encountered many problems after buying one n 70 m mobile set... Just after 3 days of purchase my cell started to hang frequently n when was forwarded to l3 at guwahati n they were suppose to repair n return the set after 4 days but was delayed n it took near about two months to get the cell back after replacement... Is this the procedure of nokia or the service centers.?

  • Pa
      2nd of Jul, 2007
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    Nokia - Horrible repair service

    NOKIA has one of the most horrible service setup in india . If you are one if those whose nokia mobile has knocked off, check the astrology section. Something bad must be written about you.

    I have given nokia mobile 6233 to Nokia Patel Nagar, New delhi , India office van job sheet number 1300100141. There is no news anything about the repair schedule. If you talk to representative of nokia care center, they will tell you horror stories of mobiles getting repaired in 2 months!! For me, 40 days have already passed and still no fedback Nokia help center is worst. They will ask full detail about the phone and if you donot give any one info, they will shoo you away.

    I am totally fed up and vows not to buy a NOKIA in future.

  • As
      4th of Jul, 2007
    0 Votes

    I am using the Nokia 5300 set which i brought 4 month back, i am facing the display problem in the phone and i went for the repair on the Nokia care they mishandled the set and had broken it and are not ready to repair the same and saying that take is as it is.

    Does this type of service and behavior from nokia is expected, can anybody take the needed action for the same the Care center is in Merrut city.

  • Pr
      17th of Jul, 2007
    0 Votes
    Nokia - Mobile not repaired for past 16 days

    I have given my handset 16days back. And was informed it wud take maximum on 3 days after i agree with the repair amount. Now its 10 working days after i agreed. And now also they are procrastinating... Excuse is 'The components are not available' ... Are the components getting manufactured after u get a defective handset.And for this rubbish service they charge Rs 112 if you don't want to get ur handset repaired from them after getting it inspected.

    Is Nokia overlooking customer satisfaction has it already grabbed the market in india???

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