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Nokia 5300 / phone not repaired

1 India Review updated:

I have bought a Nokia 5300 handset on 21 jan.2017.after one month i ave some problem with display so i submit the phone to Nokia care center in noida. But after one weak when i get pick the phone from nokia care center. But i have same problem with the set then i have submit the set again to nokia center on 24/02/2017 under jobsheet No.-[protected]. And the set is replaced after one month. But the replaced set is also not working good it has some problem audio keys, and key pad not working properly and set is poorly fit. So i have submit the set again to nokia care on 17/05/2017 under jobsheet number [protected]. And received the set on 23/052007. But set is not working properly and also i have some problem with memory card (not inserted and out properly) so i submit the set again for repaired on 23/05/2017 under jobsheet number-[protected]. And after one weak when i picked the set then problem is i did not pick the phone from Nokia center.

I talked with branch manager but they told me w can not do anything about that you consult with Nokia. I have also complained in Nokia (complain id-2-1wdt15) but problem is still remain.

I have spend 11000 Rs. for the phone and in four month period set is submitted to nokia for 4 times but problem is still remain.Very poor mobile and service!

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  • Gu
      23rd of Jul, 2007
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    Nokia 5300 - faulty hand set

    The speaker phone of the mobile not working properly. On complaining at customer care center of nokia at Phase-5 Mohali Chandigarh, the agreed to change the speaker of the mobile but they say that speaker is not in there stock and i have to come again after 3-4 days. But even after 10 days the speakers are not in there stock. They says that there is a shortage of speakers an we can't change that at that time. I am not satisfied with there service.

  • Ki
      15th of Aug, 2007
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    Bought the phone early this year, within a month the screen went out. Tmobile would not warranty (charged me 100.00 to replace) said it was our fault, the phone was not damaged in anyway by us. the replacement sent to us lasted about 3 weeks and then you could not be heard when you made a call, replacement sent to us, now 1` month later, you cannot be heard or hear on any calls. This phone has major issues, I don't think it is made very sturdy.

  • Ca
      10th of Jan, 2008
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    i bought a nokia 5300 on june and i have been to nokia center for 4 times and every time my phone was messed up now i have many complaints against the phone, the employees at the center, broken glass, soft ware etc. looking for a replacement and i can't afford a new one. My life has come to a stand still.....
    please reply soon
    callistus joseph

  • Pa
      11th of Apr, 2008
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    recently i bought nokia 5300...
    folders r hidden automatically in the phone and i m unable to unhide them ...plz help me!!! and give a possible solution for it

  • Vi
      23rd of Apr, 2008
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    Hi. I was given a Nokia 5300 for xmas 2017 with 1 years ensurance, and for a while i thought it was a great phone. Shortly after this, the spring in the sliding mecaanism came slightly loose and began scratching the buttons underneath it. I did'nt think of this being a major problem so a carried on using the phone, but after that, the audio began to act a little strange. I decided that i should take it back and get it replaced but recently, the screen completely stopped working. All i get is a couple of random lines and a big black splodge. Ive phoned the shop i bought it from but they don't replace the phone, they just provide you with vouchers to pay for the phone. Looking at the comments, ive decided that im going to get the vouchers and put them towards a different phone, unless anyone here has a different solution?

  • Ol
      6th of Dec, 2008
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    This is the worst phone ever!
    I bought it and had a two year contract with tmobile, and both put me through hell.
    I signed up for the insurance, but they just took my money and didn't put it down on the paperwork. Then my phone completely fell apart in 4 months.
    The screen froze, the phone turned off randomly, I couldn't hang up some phone calls which led to my bill being as of now $845 (which I am not going to pay until they fix the problem), my speaker is completely blown so my music sounds like ### (that's the whole point I got this phone), the battery either shocked me or burned my hand the other day so im not going to even touch it anymore. The screen is loose, the back is impossible to get off without hurting my fingers, i've broken part of the back trying to get it off, it will send random texts to anybody so you have to be carefull on what you write. It would randomly call people in my phone book, even if the phone was locked.

    The only good thing about this phone is the camera and memory.
    The pictures are amazing and it holds however much you want. (I've had around 400 pics in it, and 300 songs. )

  • Ma
      24th of Feb, 2009
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  • Se
      2nd of Jun, 2009
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    Nokia 5300 - doesn't work well
    819 Breanna Way
    Glenn Heights
    United States
    Phone: 972.693-8475

    Nokia 5300 has been a nightmare. Since I purchased this phone in 2017 it has been nothing but trouble. I've had it replaced twice. Each phone the cover that is over the speaker has fallen off... never to get it to stay on...this last time it fell off...can't find it. I thought it great a phone because it offered so much. It started out with I could not hear on the phone very well... No matter what I did people just couldn't be heard not even with the bluetooth. I sent it back... Then came the next one... It would not allow me to hang up calls...everything would freeze. No matter how many times I cut it off take the battery out...just didn't work. Now again... the speaker doesn't work...I can only answer calls with my bluetooth. Without it the speakers sound as if busted. I can't download any music... It will only take me downloading pictures... It's ridiculous... A phone so expensive but so unreliable.

  • Hy
      11th of Jun, 2009
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    I bought this phone last July, 2017 for the primary reason - music player. Well, it worked fine anyway for the first weeks. However, since I am a sure music lover, I filled its 2GB memory card with audio files. What happened? the music player software stopped responding and working properly. I' ve tryin' to search for a replacement music player software but nothing could control the music keys on the phone. I really regret buying this phone!

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