NJ Transit / walter rand transportation center employees

Camden, AL, United States

I have been standing in the terminal since 415pm and the schedule board has been saying that the 404 and the 407 to cherry hill is approaching for ten minutes. I asked the cashier if the schedule was accurate since I have been waiting for a bus that says approaching for 10 minutes and she told me she didn't know and I should ask the guy in the yellow vest out near the buses. When I was trying to ask him he first didn't come out from behind the glass so that I could hear him. Then he yelled he didnt know when the buses were coming and continued playing his game on his phone. Then because I didn't walk away he finally looked at a computer and said the bus would be here at 435pm. When I asked him which bus he ignored me and carried on with his phone games.

Oct 15, 2018

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