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NJ Transit / train from meadowlands to secaucus on sunday at 449pm

1 United States

I'm very disgusted, disappointment, and down right angry at how I was treated. Leaving the jets game was a horrible experience of shoving and hearding a huge group into the train. Nonetheless, upon searching for a seat I came across 2 seats for my father and I which was in a group of 6 seats. 3 facing each other on either side. There were 4 people that were already in seats and were also occupying 2 empty seats. I asked politely to sit there since all other seats were occupied and others were even standing. The man replied he was saving the seat for his pregnant cousin who was coming in which then I asked to sit in the other seat not occupied I explained to him I was in a car accident a week prior and I needed to sit. He said no. So after the train started to leave I said again I need to sit no one is coming he proceeded to involve his other people he was with who were acting intoxicated screaming profanities. I decided to sit because I paid for a ticket and I wasn't going to be denied a seat to an invisible person. The girl in the seat the pushed me and then the other passengers they were with started and all out screaming match. No attendant even came it was horrific. Then the man proceeded to smoke marijuana in my face blowing it in my face over and over again! I couldn't stand sitting there any longer because I do not want drugs in my system I'm a breastfeeding mother and was at my wits end. I went off looking for an attendant to alert them of the man smoking on the train to which I found a few empty seats near the end of the car in the train which a polite man welcomed us to sit with him. An attendant walked through the door a few minutes later and I explained to him that he was smoking marijuana on the train and blocking seats. The atttendant informed me he would not help me or do anything about the situation. I informed the attendant I can walk over and point out them and he said no it's not his problem and that If I want I can speak with the police after the train stops but there's no way to stop the passenger from getting off the train and being lost into the crowd. I can't believe this is your standards of how a situation where someone is smoking drugs on a train should be handled. I'm beyond disgusted and will continue to address what happened in as many ways as I can

Oct 11, 2018

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