NJ Transit / train conductor 6571 number 1620 pascack valley line.

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Attention: New Jersey Transit August 17, 2017

I once again make a formal (the fourth) complaint against the train conductor on August 17, 2017, for train car no. 6571 on the 8:21 train (No. 1620) out of Montvale, New Jersey on the Pascack Valley Line. On July 26, 2017, I registered a (third) complaint because this conductor-an obese African-American female with glasses-deliberately keeps the train doors open (in the manual or lock position) during the train ride. Doing so allows the heat and humidity of the outside summer air to permeate the train cars and renders the air conditioning useless. Again, on August 17, 2017, the same conductor again kept the trains doors open during the train ride.
This conductor continually engages in this unjustifiable selfish behavior either to: (i) spite the passengers; (ii) because her girth makes it an ordeal for her to maneuver (she has difficulty keeping her balance) between the train cars; (iii) the conductor is just plain lazy; or (iv) all of the above. I have repeatedly requested that New Jersey Transit remove this conductor from the Pascack Valley Line.

In early July 2017, I complained to New Jersey Transit customer service because this conductor kept the train door open on rides in late June and early July 2017. Customer service immediately responded to my complaint. The New Jersey transit representative advised me that a supervisor had addressed this matter (my complaint) with this conductor and assured me that this absurd defiant conduct would no longer occur. I thanked the customer service representative for the prompt response and swift decisive action.

On July 26, 2017, this conductor left the doors open on train car no. 6571. This conductor did so again on August 17, 2017. The conductor’s actions are deliberate because each time I checked the doors of the first two train cars and they were closed. Thus, the conductor cannot excuse her behavior by saying a train wide door malfunction existed.

As I previously advised multiple times, no logical rationale exists for this conductor’s self-centered, egregious behavior. It is readily evident this conductor either: (i) does not listen; (ii) does not care; and/or (iii) because of union rules and job security protections has no fear of her supervisor’s directives to no longer engage in the objectionable conduct.
Therefore, I once again implore New Jersey Transit to remove this conductor from the Pascack Valley Line forthwith. I cannot understand why New Jersey Transit is powerless to take corrective action against this conductor. Is this conductor’s union so strong that she can do whatever she pleases? I cannot reconcile why one conductor possesses so much autonomy and power to wreak havoc on paying passengers while impervious to any repercussions. It just defies common sense.

Thank you,

A now bewildered and angry rider.

Aug 17, 2017

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